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Port of Miami Security Heightened

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  • Port of Miami Security Heightened

    MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- Security at the Port of Miami was tightened Sunday after three people, two of them hidden inside a truck, allegedly tried to enter the port illegally, federal law enforcement sources said.

    The FBI said the three were being held on state charges.

    "The cargo area is closed for now while the FBI, Miami-Dade police, and Customs and Border Patrol search the truck container," said Port of Miami spokeswoman Andrea Muniz. "The port side handling passengers remains open."

    Sunday is typically a busy day for cruise ships at the port.

    Though the port as a whole remains open, cargo is not leaving the port while additional container searches are under way, a spokesman for the Coast Guard said.

    Federal law enforcement sources described the three as being of Middle-Eastern descent. The driver was described as being of Iraqi descent and one of the other men appeared to be of Lebanese descent, the sources said.

    One of them was driving an 18-wheeler and was stopped at the entrance for not having the proper license to drive onto the property, FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela told CNN.

    MIAMI ? Authorities detained three men who were caught Sunday trying to slip past security at the Port of Miami, an FBI spokeswoman said.
    Michael Larabel

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    Hmm...we'll see what comes out of this. *Loads his shotgun...*


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      Apparently it ended up being a container full of car parts... though I find it weird that others would be hiding in the truck, etc if they were just legitimately shipping car parts through the port of Miami. Unless of course the car parts were from stolen vehicles.
      Michael Larabel