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Anyone tried StreamMyGame? Looks cool.

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  • Anyone tried StreamMyGame? Looks cool.

    Hey guys,

    Was just reading Gizmodo and came across an article showing an EeePC running Crysis using StreamMyGame ( which also sports a Linux client (Love their glowing endorsement ). Apparently it can 'stream' games over a broadband connection at playable rates with decent resolutions (with the paid version, trial is limited to 640x480). Still, this looks quite promising and I was hoping someone on here had given it a shot. Not sure if I'm 'game' enough yet but it's probably something I'd be keen to look at.

    For those who hadn't seen it, worth a look.

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    No havent heard that game.. i'll try sounds like its cool..


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      It's not a game itself but it apparently allows you to interactively stream games over internet/LAN, like YouTube except you can actually play the games. Since it works on Linux I imagine you can stream games from an XP box, or even from a friend's XP box and play on Linux.


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        can't you already do this yourself with remote desktop?