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AMD/ATI Processor & Linux kernel expert needed

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  • AMD/ATI Processor & Linux kernel expert needed

    Hopefully I am not breaking any rules here. I am a recruiter with a client in the Northeast, who is looking for a consultant with expertise in AMD/ATI chipsets and Linux kernel. I have included details below.

    The majority of the work must be done on-site, but they will hire over the phone.

    Thanks in advance for your time, it is appreciated.

    The consultant (5+ mth contract in Northeast US) will be assisting the core development team in targeting the Linux Operating System for our client's next generation POS terminal. This development project requires a highly skilled individual. The consultant will also assist in the device driver development and integration for the video graphics sub-system on the POS terminal. The majority of the work must be done on-site.

    Expertise in the AMD Chipset technologies and targeting the Linux OS to AMD Processors REQUIRED!
    High level of Expertise in the targeting of a 2.6 Linux Kernel to an AMD/ATI chip set combination.

    C skills required, Java is a plus, video drivers, embedded targeting.
    Of the 2 skill sets, C is the more important but having a good understanding of Java Virtual Machines would be helpful.
    Embedded Linux OS experience
    Experience with Open Source Development tools such as GNU Compilers and CVS.
    Graphics Device Driver Development

    John Spencer
    Symphony Services
    [email protected]