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Your site is good! Cheers!

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  • Your site is good! Cheers!

    This is my first visit.... I found your site to be one of the most interesting websites on the Internet. It is very helpful site.
    Thank you much for your work.... Cheers!
    Sorry for offtopic.

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    Thats okay to post things like this, you posted in the right section . Phoronix is growing everyday. I'm sure Michael will appreciate your comments.


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      I just fount it today but so far i'm liking it. cutting open heatsink heatpipes... really good stuff there


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        I agree wholeheartedly

        Yeah, Phoronix is GREAT! It seems to cover all of the intriguing Linux [software && hardware] topics. Would it be possible for a Phoronix "behind the scenes" article? How much work goes into it? How many people? Office setup (pics of it )? Etc. Thanks keep up the good work!

        [A Gentoo User]


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          Thanks everyone for the kind comments, it's always nice to read

          Answers to some of the questions...

          Would it be possible for a Phoronix "behind the scenes" article?
          Maybe, if there's enough interest to warrant the time investment to write such a thing.

          How many people?
          If you didn't notice already, I end up writing most of the content, but there are a few others as well... The percentage breakdown of all existing original content (1,000+ articles) right now boils down to:

          Michael Larabel: 89.74%
          David Lin: 5.83%
          John Guzman: 1.18%
          Bettina Rathmann: 1.18%
          Stan Bloch: 0.43%
          Ben Hoekstra: 0.43%
          Richard Chu: 0.21%
          Hakan Bayindir: 0.21%
          Adam Kadzban: 0.10%
          Yan Min: 0.10%
          Andros Lee: 0.10%
          David Stevens: 0.10%
          Zbigniew Luszpinski: 0.10%
          Christian Joaquin Cruz: 0.10%
          William Russell: 0.10%
          How much work goes into it?
          For me personally, it's however I decide to break ~90 hours on a given week between the Phoronix umbrella of activities, consulting work, and another company I own. I usually try to allot at least 60 hours a week to Phoronix (and usually more if there's anything interesting going on that week).
          Michael Larabel


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            I agree with your opinion that this site is very good. My friend told about this site. Then i register in this site. I am very happy to visit this site. Come on and enjoy by visiting this site.