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    Originally posted by blackiwid View Post
    I don't know how law suits work in the us and maybe its a differnt thing in this case, but when I tried to sue our german social department I think one year after it I got a date on the court. And we have then different layers first you win or loose on the lowest court then the loser often can take it one level higher till you reach the highest level ant the sentence is guilty.
    The suit was filed in German civil court actually. You can get an injunction/TRO (Einstweilige Verf?gung) fairly quickly but it takes time to get it to main trial. And as you said there's always appeals - the difference in the US is that once you've been acquitted in criminal court the state may not appeal (double jeopardy).


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      It should be obvious by now that they have no intention of honoring the license. Normally you would drag them to court by now but the Chinese court system just doesn't care about copyright so you'd likely not get anything out of that