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Allwinner: "We Are Taking Initiative Actions Internally"

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  • Allwinner: "We Are Taking Initiative Actions Internally"

    Phoronix: Allwinner: "We Are Taking Initiative Actions Internally"

    Allwinner has been taking a lot of heat lately for violating open-source licenses with their Linux binary blob components. They then got caught obfuscating their code to try to hide their usage of open-source code, shifted around their licenses, and has continued jerking around the open-source community...

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    The statement doesn't even say that they are going to improve the situation. Based on that statement, they could just as easily be trying to make their violations harder to detect.


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      Okay, so you have a bad relationship to the community so you promise improvements on April 1st? *facepalm*


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        Actually, this is quite telling: Allwinner considers they have a marketing issue.


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          Allwinner taking things seriously? Hahahaha! Nice April fools!


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            Originally posted by bug77 View Post
            Actually, this is quite telling: Allwinner considers they have a marketing issue.
            The fact that they consider this a marketing issue rather than a legal issue is indeed quite telling.


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              lawyers lawyer! free software lawyer...

              ... they need. And were is Collabora?
              we need to ban all products from these irresponsible heartless mindless Chinese devils.


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                I seriously don't know why there is not a lawsuit being filed. What is the point of the license if the only thing people can do is complain about it being violated? That makes it useless. The reason that they keep doing it is because there have been no legal ramifications being brought toward them.


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                  Allwinner is in trouble

                  I just saw news from yesterday that there are new $149 chromebooks based on Rockchip RK3288 coming soon. And also there's brand new chromebit which is under $100 using the same chips.

                  Last time I saw another news saying that TV boxes chose rock chip over allwinner due to allwinner's poor performance of 4k decoding.

                  I think $149 chromebooks are over kill considering the price of development boards are around the same price range.

                  Chromebook rocks.


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                    Originally posted by Master5000 View Post
                    Because allwinner will win?
                    I am serious, though. Why have a license that no one is going to enforce? It literally makes it worthless.