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Reported Steam Linux Usage Battles To Stay Above 1.0%

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    Originally posted by mitcoes View Post
    It is all about Steam Machines not GNU/Linux desktop

    I think Steam OS is all about Steam Machines and avoid any OS taxation.

    ... reading tests here is more than capable of runnong games at [email protected] that most of the consoles barey do and almost all at [email protected]

    Steam Machines will be able also to have plugged in PS4 XBOX and PS4 and XBOS alike pads and the new Steam pad, any well informed adult would buy a Steam Machine instead of a PS4 or XBOX, even more when there are more games and they are cheaper and you can also install other game shops - not as at the other consoles -

    So what is more likely to happen is that Steam Machines will erase MS and Sony consoles from the market.

    And if at the survey (that i do not know why don't they do it from user data instead of a survey) Stgeam MAchines are a catagory it wil grow a lot, and Linux desltop more or less would stay at 1% unless any OEM begins to sell at retail stores Ubuntu (or ny other GNU/Linux) preinstalled as Google did with their Chormebooks, becouse main street do not install their own OSs, they use what it comes pre installed.
    This is wisdom.
    ✓ Steam Machines offer better Performance Per Dollar. Minimum [email protected], ideal [email protected]
    ✓ Use Competitor's Controllers - Xbox 360, PS4, XBONE, PS3, Keyboard, Mouse, and Steam Controller
    ✓ Install GMG or other Clients on Steam Machines

    ** Once again, a device will bring Linux to the Mainstream and they won't even know it.

    Originally posted by ahlaht View Post

    It could be _possible_ if such consoles did not come with any exclusive games. But they always do.

    I buy a new console whenever I want to try a new game not otherwise available. The console itself is just an extra.

    I don't really know, but I'd imagine many others do the same?
    I used to be like you and buy a console for a game like say - Halo. "Used to". These days It's hard to justify throwing $400 away on a brick and pay a additional $60 for Xbox Live when I could just allot the $460 to a $600 Upgrade Kit - new i7 6600k, 16GB DDR4 3000mhz RAM, and a ASRock Z170 LGA_1151 Gaming K6 Motherboard.

    The price difference is about $140 and the hardware can even push 4k (which I won't need as I have a GTX 970 to do that.)

    Console Exclusives? Replaced Halo with Storm United.
    Final Fantasy ??? Not sure.

    What I do know, is the Golden Age where Halo and Final Fantasy were "Indie Games" has long since past and now their games are trash. So that means I need to seek out Indie style games, made with passion and love, and not merely to extract cash from my wallet.

    Originally posted by nomadewolf View Post
    i only need 3 games to make the definite move
    shugon 2
    world of tanks
    league of legends

    and no more windows for me. ever.
    Regarding "League of Legends" - and let me prefix this in IMO incase anyone doesn't already know that a persons speach is their IMO.

    LOL is dead. The user base has rapidly declined, Videobloggers like Dunkey have quit - websites like have had their commentor base cut in half. The only ones playing LOL anymore are my parents-in-law, teenagers who wanna see some TTs and A$$, and people who say - DOTA2 is too hard. And I give it to them, DOTA2's mechanics are a considerable upgrade - meaning the skill ceiling has been lifted. Riot Games employees are too busy snorting cocaine off of hookaz to port to Linux, and their new chineese owner 10cent only cares about lining their wallets by selling you 20$ skins to the dumb masses.

    The golden days where Rammus could have a 4 second taunt have been cut in half, and the infinite nurfs from Riot have made the gameplay "bland" and "borning" - you can't even pause the game or quit if one of your team member leaves the game otherwise you get penalized.

    Additionally, cross-chat between teams was turned off which destroyed the social element of playing a competative game.

    To top it all, the game client is written on Adobe AIR - no programmer in a sane state of mind would ever write a game client in Adobe AIR. And you know why they do? Because they're based in Orange County, California - an area renown for Universitys that teach political dominance and knwon of their wealth.

    Silicon Valley (Middle California) and Northern California (Berkley) have entirely different and often conflicting mindsets.

    Out of the 9 people that I used to play LOL with, 6 have already quit and moved to DOTA2. We've watched the Player base of DOTA explode from 6 Million to 11 Million.

    DOTA2 E-Sports has raked in a whopping 40 Million Dollars per International Tournament, 10 Million went to the players this year at TI5.

    LOL has fsck'd themselves. DOTA 2 items cost between $0.30 and $5.00 on the market, not $20-$40 (LOL).

    LOL has no buyback either so instead of seeing heros resurect during team-plays - if you die there's 1) no consequence of gold loss for your death and 2) you're out until the respawn timer making the battles bland.

    The Map is small and the Jungle is boring and has almost no camps to farm. You can't stack camps. You can't teleport without bringing a Summoner Spell.

    In order to get the edge over noobs you buy Runes which you grind to get. You have to buy heros, you can't test them out before spending RP or IP on them.

    I mean the game is free but not free, because you have to pay to have more fun - in DOTA you get items & skins dropped for free, and you can sell your items in the community market to buy other Steam Games or other Skins if you get tired of your hero's skin & items.

    Any sane person who has tasted both in moderate volume knows that DOTA is better in every way, and if you wan't a point-and-click MOBA on Linux for Novice and Beginner types with low stress you can always play DOTA2-Reborn custom game modes like DOTA2 Overthrow or even go grab Strife which is made by the people who made HoN and looks like LOL and Heroes of the Storm.


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      Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
      Who the hell cares???
      Linux is for PRODUCTIVITY, not stupid brain rot games.
      People who like to relax with computer games do. If they can do it without having windows dual boot then all the props to them. Regardless of what you think of computer games, they are one of linux use cases and also trough better "gaming" support we get to have better support in "productivity" use-cases such as simulations running on game engines.
      Honestly, F*ck your short sighted opinions, better keep that sh*t to yourself. Nobody actually forces you to read phoronix updates on the matter.