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OpenShot 2.0 Remains To Be Seen

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    Kickstarter page Openshot 2.0

    Maybe you should look at the kickstarter page. Lots of updates there:



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      Originally posted by kenjitamura View Post
      There is another video editor that looks very promising in development called Shotcut. It uses the MLT backend like Kdenlive and shotcut is being developed by Dan Dennedy who is the developer mostly behind MLT. He used to code for the Kdenlive project but after switching over to Mac for his production machine he decided to start a new cross-platform video editor from the ground up because he viewed porting Kdenlive to other platforms to be too much effort and ultimately it'd be more effort than just starting from scratch. It's still in fairly early development but there is usually a new release every month.
      Thank you, I never heard of it. I will try it as soon as possible.


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          After looking at libopenshot source code, openshot 2.0 sounds like vaporware, at least as a modern NLE.
          Until a single line of openshot 2.0 is released, one can already give MachinTruc a try:
          Although very young, it's fully GPU accelerated.


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            Video editing is the one thing where I dust off my old MacMini and fire up iMovie. I'm not saying it's great but for my simple family videos and shorts on Vimeo, it's fine. I didn't back OpenShot on Kickstarter, but just reviewing the comments, it seems there's a lot of unhappy people, and not even about the lack of software out in the open, but in the updates on that site.

            It seemed from people close to development that the main dev, Jonathan, had serious issues in his life, which was slowing development, and I think most reasonable people were fine with that. It then seemed that actually, he was moving house and his PC crashed. (I've moved house a few times, and it isn't fun, but it also doesn't stop your whole life).

            I've tried to use OpenShot 1.4.x but for various reasons found it to be unstable, so I was really looking forward to v2.0 for that. From Jonathan's own writings, he notes he uses Blender components for many things, and I found that actually, aside from being a fine 3D modeller, it does indeed have a full video editing mode (I'm not a visually creative type so I don't know much about that). It's not enough to stop me using iMovie for it, but it's interesting to look into.

            Back to OpenShot, I think that most see this as a failed kickstarter and re-opens old wounds in FOSS about social vs. commercial contracts (not in a legal sense), and in products vs. projects, but just sticking to this, it seems like OpenShot itself is dead, and that potentially, the Kickstarter may have driven people away?

            I'll certainly take a look at KDenlive and Shotcut again, and see if I can eliminate the need to leave my Linux box.