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Eric S. Raymond Calls LLVM The "Superior Compiler" To GCC

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  • Originally posted by SystemCrasher View Post
    No, I don't. And some game ... okay, cool. But as you can see, they had to resort to assembly...
    Under C-64 you needed to resort to assembly to do anything advanced with it. It simply was not powerfull enough to do anything without specialised optimised assembly routines. At least so when talking about games, many them took every last bit of performance from C-64. On old microcomputers it was 16-bit machines like Amiga which were programmed in serious use with higher level languages like C.
    Basic though was not without merit, it was designed to be easy tool to teach basics of computer programming, and that job it DID do for quite many future developers.


    • Originally posted by MoonMoon View Post
      Meanwhile, the "lesser species" of game developers are part of an industry making billions of dollars while you "superior guy" sit here spouting nonsense on Phoronix.
      If we take a look on how gamedevs are being treated by platform creators like MS/Xbox or Sony/PS, gamedevs ARE "lesser species" for sure. Because they treated by platform creators/owners like lesser species. No matter what they mumble about billions, they *have* to obey their masters and that's what I refer to . Valve are only few of those who are not ballsuckers like the rest of their kin .

      And my personality got nothing to do with this fact. You can be pretty sure I do not obey some faggots like MS or Sony and somesuch, their stinky rules and so on. And I'm pretty happy I do not have to suck their balls, even if I can get paid for doing so. I can figure out some far more pleasant ways to get some bucks, he-he.