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Google Admin Encourages Trying Btrfs, Not ZFS On Linux

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    Since i heard about ZFS and played around with it, the amounts of productive FreeBSD Servers increased immense.

    pf and ZFS are both superiour to everything which exists in the Linux world.

    There are tons of unfinished hacker projects like btrfs and nftables, but it seems like they always overdo themself.

    I just tried btrfs today (with the most recent kernel and tools) and there are still missing so many features.

    ZFS is there, right now, ready to do the job. And its awesome.

    zpool create storage raidz2 da{0..11} raidz2 da{12..23}

    thats it, LVM, RAID, partitioning and formatting all in one command. After this single command, i can cd /storage and work with the system. Two raid6 combined to one large device, something btrfs cant do!

    zfs set compression=gzip storage
    zfs set dedup=on storage

    thats it.

    I can manage RAIDs with 96 Disks with exaktly 3 commands and ZFS getting faster with ever disk i add!

    For large storages (and i have to deal with them) ZFS is so much better in every aspects and so often saved my live.

    Want to add 24 Disks to an pool which is build of 2 RAID6 with each 12 disks (so enlarge 24 disks with 24 disks)

    zpool add storage raidz2 da{24..35} raidz2 da{36..47}

    thats it. Done. 0% downtime, ready to use. Just instant.

    And subvolumes on ZFS even can have their own FS. I can create and subvol and format it using FAT32 or NTFS.

    ZFS is their, right now, and the best thing you can get. btrfs might be there, at some point in the next 5 years, but i have to do my job now!

    Thats reason enough to use FreeBSD on the machines where ZFS is needed to do the job.

    And, different to linux, there is even an proper documentation

    I never ever handle again big storages without ZFS, after working with LVM, mdadm and ext3/4 for years and now btrfs, ZFS is the first time i have something which just works absolutely 100% the way it was designed.