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C4 Engine Drops Linux Support, Calls It "Frankenstein OS"

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    My 70 year old dad only uses Ubuntu, hell even most die hard linux users claim ubuntu is not linux cause its too easy.... Wow linux the developers OS can't be installed by a developer, lols.

    This is really funny, at the age of 35 I decided to go back to university for software engineering and well linux seems to be the OS that Prof's that know what their doing suggest to use as a developer platform. I guess this engine/person will be put out to pasture soon enough. Maybe he should have a talk to Aspyr Media to see how it's done.


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      I wonder why stupid people develop game engines. As he says, his time and money could have been better spent, e.g. working in a factory producing iphones, that's where his brain capacity belongs.


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        paid bullshiter

        This is a work of someone paid to propagate this! I frankly don't give shit about his puny engine. I can understand him to the point it whose not enough profitable for him to do it.

        Interestingly all horrors of Linux didn't stop him to do it on BSD fork for PS4. This is clearly paid political statement! Do he really think we are that big morons? Frankly world can continue to exist much more easier without his engine than Linux. Linux do have his fair share of problems but we are at least transparently aware of them & can correct them more easily then to have to rely on nice packed heap pile of closed source property shits, then again thing you can't see can't hurt you. Do they?


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          Meh, we're not missing anything special: Just use UnrealEngine/Cryengine.

          And does thing guy have a blog or something; I'd like to know some of his reasons of why apt-get is a disaster.


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            Originally posted by eydee View Post
            I wonder why stupid people develop game engines. As he says, his time and money could have been better spent, e.g. working in a factory producing iphones, that's where his brain capacity belongs.

            Seriously, I know that we are mean here, but with such people, I think this is the right attitude.


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              Sounds more like he doesn't get the command line. In OSX/windows it's possible to develop for both oses without touching the cli at all. In Linux not as easy. I don't know of any distros that ship with all the libs pre installed. That might be a good project to setup. Say a Debian/ Ubuntu distro that when you install from the cd includes all libs/headers etc for gtk/gnome/OpenGL/SDL


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                  Please *try* to be at least marginally kind to this guy. He may just have a lot of bad luck with Linux.

                  It is difficult to install / boot Linux on some systems in common existence because of hardware compatibility issues and I don't think that anybody would deny it. I also had such problems 6 years ago (although I wasn't using the most recent version of the distro then).
                  There were also times that "apt-get install" created some problems for me.


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                    Well, if he needs support to install Linux on a tricky peace of hardware he can ask me. At least for Kanotix Spitfire would help him... The installation issues should not be a critical point in development.


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                      This is really weird

                      This guy seems to be one of the most incompetent programmers I have ever read about. His view on Linux is so twisted and reading about his strange statements I couldn't be happier. This game engine doesn't look like anything I would ever use. There is nothing next-gen about this engine, based only on the graphics - and he wants to support PS4. Good luck with that. I'd say with his opinions and so-called programming skills, Linux is far better off without him and his engine.

                      If he hates "apt-get" simply don't use it. Nobody is forcing him. Saying that every part of Linux is a disaster but the graphics drivers is pure blasphemy. Of course everything can be improved, but going against everything that makes Linux a great piece of software is just political. It feels like his intentions were to show how bad he thinks Linux is compared to other OS's, by only pointing his problems out and claiming that the biggest open-source project in the world has no future viability.
                      The most strange to me seems that he maybe wants his engine to run on SteamOS, but not on Linux in general, which is so illogical to me. If all his statements about Linux were true, huge companies like IBM, Google, Valve and 98% of supercomputers(according to wikipedia) and most of the servers in the world, probably would have based their systems and software on other operating systems.

                      Actually I feel kind of stupid after writing all this. Having to argue with someone who has such a narrow view on things and seems so limited in actually technical skills and knowledge*, just makes me angry. I just felt that I had to say it, so everybody who would come across this article, without knowledge either, should know the real Linux (very shortly). It totally fair to like one OS more than another, but to purposely trying to spread your bad words because of your own faults is just mean.

                      Now I hope he will change his mind, not that I would buy anything from him, but to me, the nature of an open OS like Linux is not to exclude him and his software or anyone by that matter - as long as the intentions are good
                      (*)I know he probably made the engine, but then he would also know how to use real software and maybe even look more realistically on things.

                      It's better to remain silent and dumb, than trying convince everyone about it.