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Lennart Poettering On The Open-Source Community: A Sick Place To Be In

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    Originally posted by stevenc View Post
    systemd has been developing in a way inconsiderate of established GNU/Linux practices, doing very much his own thing but at the inconvenience of others. Now he seems to even have political disagreements with its developers. So, why the hell not fork his own project, a kernel and/or
    distribution based around systemd, with all his own people involved in it?
    This is quite ironic. Forks are usually the result of a minority or half of the developers having different ideas about a project. It is usually the bigger side that gets to keep the name and the current project, and the minority that gets to do the fork. So, if most people disagreed with the way things are going, wouldn't you see current systemd developers do the fork (as you demand should happen)? This hasn't happened. In consequence, you could say it is the other way around: a vocal minority disagrees. So it is them who should do the fork. And then implement/remove what they want. That's how (F)OSS works.

    TL;DR: shouldn't the current vocal minorities that disagree with systemd be the ones that do the fork?


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      Originally posted by Naib View Post
      If you act like an asshole don't get all precious when people act like dicks to you. Watch, this is not how you interact with a presenter, especially going out of your way to cut him off
      Ignoring the fact, that the speaker not really knows, what he is talking about... Sure, Lennard should have been more polite. During this talk and on other occasions. He doesn't deny it in his posting. But there is a big difference between not being polite and threatening to kill somebody. Lennard really has a point here. This needs to be addressed. And a lot of people in this very forum should feel addressed.


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        Lennart's comments will do nothing to improve the situation. Personal comments are personal (often prefaced by "these opinions are my own and don't represent my employer"), but Lennart would be better off, personally and probably professionally as well, suppressing some of his commentary. Take it on the chin and let history be your judge.


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          The interesting part is that his contribution to the Linux ecosystem is huge... He is really solving some problems Linux had for years.

          The bad part with the internet is that everyone has access to it. Now some psychos have the possibility to easily to group up and do this kind of stuff...
          There is literally a community out there on the internet for every f**ked up mind...


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            Personally I think SystemD is a very good direction for Linux.

            I support system integration 100%. I dont want 20 different tools from 20 different groups...I'm sorry but SystemD is a good thing.
            And the fact that it is so prevalent now points out that most people feel the same way.

            For Linux to move forward a lot of things that were adhock have to be standardized.


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              Originally posted by Naib View Post
              If you act like an asshole don't get all precious when people act like dicks to you. Watch, this is not how you interact with a presenter, especially going out of your way to cut him off
              Uh, when did datenwolf cut Lennart off?
              Or did you mean Lennart was the asshole here?
              Not the guy who is to proud to give his bloody talk in German because his English is so "good" (yeah, listen to the talk and the organisers even begged that everyone who is not as well trained in English to just keep their talk in German if they are native Germans), tells Lennart that he is okay if Lennart interrupts him and then is pissed that he does and best of all, blaming Lennart for the FUD datenwold spreads because "you know, you could have all told me this before?". Are you kidding me? If the guy had given this talk at my university, our Professor would have thrown him out before he could have even finished that sentence.
              And he gives this talk at the freaking biggest European hacker conference? And then expects that people who he is just shitting on in his talk will sit there and take it without asking him questions or correcting his mistakes? It is his bloody job to make sure his talk is correct and if it is not, it is his fault and nobody elses.

              Even with out Lennart it would have been an extremely bad talk. Which is not to say that datenwolf is stupid or incapability to do good talks.
              If you read his blog, you will find some nice texts and ideas. Personally, judging from his blog, I think he often does not get the idea behind evolution instead of revolution (see for example his case against wayland: so to him a lot of functionality is useless while it is just a stepping stone for others to do something greater. But as I said, I only know his blog and his talk.


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                "the Open Source community is full of assholes, and I probably more than most others am one of them."
                --Lennart Poettering (more or less, fixed his quote)


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                  PC zionist socialist psy ops enter core linux development


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                    Originally posted by michal
                    Because of persons like you I probably never, ever will publish any of my code on open source licence.
                    You're actually not wrong there. I have worked on a fair bit of OSS stuff (anonymously - big hint if you are thinking about trying it). The amount of crap I get on project "support" forums is astonishing...

                    It seems that the *less* you charge for your products, the bigger bunch of **** you get as customers.

                    As for systemd, I have used it pretty extensively (as well as sysV init and initRC). It kind-of does what you'd expect it to, so I don't really see what the fuss is about. It starts daemons in the correct order. It restarts them when they crash. There's a bunch of stuff **EVERYONE** has on their Unix boxes, so it bundles config files for those programs too.


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                      Originally posted by atari314
                      Harry Potter can go to hell... he and his cancer crap...
                      Are you sure you belong in the Linux community?

                      Anyway, your monomaniacal content free rants about "CancerD" (just take a look on your own posting history) about a piece of software your don't use, are actually bordering on the abnormal. You clearly have "stalker" tendencies and seemed obsessed with systemd and Lennart Poettering in a rather unhealthy way.

                      I am aware that you probably can't control your rage against systemd and Poettering, but you should now that your unsavoury behaviour is painting the whole systemd opponent camp with the same sickly paint brush; Swivel eyed loonies that rant all day on the internet, but too incompetent to code anything.

                      The hate strategy have been backfiring for a long time. How will the non-systemd camp ever get the sympathy from upstream projects with people like you on their side, attacking them for daring to support systemd?
                      I think behaviour like yours are going to make some upstream projects so unsympathetic to the non-systemd cause, they will simply drop non-systemd support at first opportunity.