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Switching cards and KVM + VFIO

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  • Switching cards and KVM + VFIO

    Hello everybody

    Now I'm working in ArchLinux with a Nvidia GTX 650ti and I bought an AMD/ATI R9 290, which I should have in a few days

    I know that the current drivers of AMD/ATI have a poor performance under GNU/Linux, so I want to know if is possible to switch between the Nvidia and AMD cards, for example using a script that turn off/on the decided cards and then restart the x server

    I'm very interested too on set up a KVM + VFIO for play some games in Windows, for example with the Nvidia for ArchLinux and the ATI for KVM, but keeping the possibility to switch to the AMD card when I'm not using KVM

    It's possible to get working these features together?

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