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FSF Issues Their Rebuttal To Apple's New iPhone, Watch & Apple Pay

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    Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
    S-OFF is needed to be able to replace the kernel. Without S-OFF you have to go through a lot of crap to install new roms, and even then without the benefits of a new kernel.
    No actually, it is not.
    Unlocked S-ON phones allow you to replace the kernel via fastboot.


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      Originally posted by drspinderwalf View Post
      What is concerning me is really how the whole ecosystem is handled - it's very messy and completely anti-user. Imagine having the security, stability, and convenience of a Desktop/Laptop Debian system for your phone. You set your mirror and you get updates on a regular basis, and (if it were achievable) a fully-FOSS system as defined by the DFSG.

      All in all, I basically only use my phone for owncloud calendar/contact/files sync, some basic navigation, and a fringe audio programming software project. Currently, AOSP serves me fairly well but I feel this is not sustainable, particularly as Google tries to wall up the Android sphere.
      Its the price of freedom, really. If you want freedom, you have to also *allow* freedom, which means that other groups get to do whatever they like.
      You have the freedom to pick something that you can't really trust to keep you up to date (like samsung), you have the freedom to pick something that is fairly reliable (google nexus), you have the freedom to do the work yourself.

      But note that you don't necessarily have to do the work yourself *manually*. You can keep track of the GIT and new code automatically, for example, by installing a jenkins build server on one of your machines that does a pull and build periodically and sends notifications to you about the existence of a new build and the content of if.


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        Originally posted by Calinou View Post
        They are high-quality dual core, there's no real need for quad core in smartphones currently, as long as the cores are good. 64 bit is not of much use currently, there's almost no Android phones using it either.
        No, it really isn't a high quality dual core. Its a poorly implemented dual core crippled by a powervr gpu.
        No, I suppose you don't *need* quad core, nor for that matter do you even need DUAL core. One core can make a phone call, render a web page... eventually, etc. But the nice thing is that its there for those moments when you actually DO WANT it. Keep in mind that the cores aren't all always powered up. Cores get powered on and off as they are needed in a similar fashion to how their frequencies are scaled up and down as needed. If your use of a quad-core phone is only single core, it will only power one core on and only consume the power needed by that one core.

        But lets say that you want to hook your phone up to a larger display and use it as a media center.... well now the extra horsepower can really come to some good use.
        On-device media processing can take a lot of CPU as well. There are some very very fancy effects that are added for photography. Lens blur comes to mind. My dual core 8260A takes forever to do a lens blur, but my wife's quad core 8974 handles it like its nothing.

        But at least we agree that at least for now, 64bit on a phone is a gimmick.


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          Originally posted by stiiixy View Post
          I own a soft-top Wrangler. It's not designed for in-car enternaitnment When you're neck deep in mud and it starts pouring in through the door seals, the last thing you need be concerned about is that. I dont even have the cassette player anymore.

          As for your intepretation of choice, you might want to visit a baker and ask for a loaf of bread. If they ask you any questions, you know what I'm talking about.
          If I want a loaf of bread, I ask my wife to bake me a loaf of bread.

          I dont code, and portability of code is YOUR choice, not mine. For me as a consumer, it's about the right tool for the job. I have a life to get on with and Android and Co. has been a minefield of privacy abuse and poorly written apps. There's the binary blob driver issue and locked hardware to consider even after going open source app's. Those closed apps want my details and use MY expensive connection to get it. Firewalls are nice. Shouldn't need them on a phone, though.
          Not sure what you're getting at, or how this relates to anything at all.
          Poorly written software is a problem everywhere. Android does a good job limiting the damage that can be done by poorly written software. NO MATTER WHAT, you need to be thinking about the existence of bad software.


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            Originally posted by Delgarde View Post
            Yep... they recovered mostly by spreading into a new untapped market. But they've continued with the same approach of trying to retain total control, and as a result, they're losing out to rivals. Google is playing much the same game as Microsoft did back in the day, taking the view that it's better to have the entire world using your software, even if you don't have the same level of control over the platform.
            Imagine what the world would look like if Wondoze was open source.....


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              Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
              It is a different perspective really that many in the FOSS world don't seem to grasp. A doctor might have zero interest in how his iPhone works but yet he expects it to work when he pulls it out of his pocket. FOSS means nothing in this case. In the case of Android phones it can be a big negative as he may not have the tinker time to deal with Android.
              Tinker time to deal with Android? Just what are you talking about?
              YOUR use of Android as a hacker/geek (installing custom hacked up builds because... just because.) is not the same as a normal person's use of it as an end user. There is no "tinker time" needed. If you hand someone a Nexus, it *works*. A new update rolls out, it installs and... just works.


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                Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
                Much of what you print is garbage.
                ALL of what you print IS garbage.

                the idea that stupid people buy Apple products is asinine. The fact is the product is chosen by some of the smartest people on the planet.
                Facts are not to be confused with ideas.

                The overwhelming majority of the Android hardware sold isn't even comparable to an iPhone or for that matter the Galaxy line up. The fact is for smart phones IOS has been rushing equivalent Android hardware.
                One need not compare fashion accessories to anything to determine that there is no utility value in them. Nothing at all wrong with the "majority" of hardware being different -- difference is what makes Android GREAT. That everybody is NOT forced into exactly the same thing as everybody else.

                this may be the most asinine statement you have made here. Each iPhone release has made substantial strides over the previous releases. To publish such a statement just demonstrates how biased you are.
                They look the same, they do the same, they are the same.

                That is complete garbage. There isn't a 64 bit chip on the market that performs as well as Apples A7 or A8 series.
                AMD? Intel?
                Or if you want to compare it strictly to ARM chips, then all you have to compare it with are Chinese hack jobs. Qualcomm isn't shipping 64bit chips yet, but you can bet that they will make even more of a fool of apple chips than their 32 bit chips already do.

                Yet it out performs every shipping mobile GPU at the time of release.
                Plain falsehood.

                So we can laugh at the poor implementation?
                Yes, so you can laugh at APPLE's poor implementation.

                taken as a whole there isn't a product out there that better integrates bleeding edge technology.
                Maybe come back when the drugs you're on wear off.


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                  Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
                  ... cut
                  Please, I hope you can get well soon....


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                    Originally posted by stiiixy View Post
                    I used to hand build PC-based in-car entertainment in 2000. Based on existing software. Was fun. All this Android/iOS jazz is old hat.

                    It used to be just rich guys being wankers and showing off their dollars (they gotta spend it on something for tax reasons was the reality) but now we have kids staring vacantly at TV's in our cars as well as home and at school.

                    Rich guys spending stuff on their car does not in any way save them from taxes at all.
                    As far as kids staring into tv's in the car, I absolutely agree... however, a good nav and BT can be useful, neither of which is handled well by the overpriced mainstream junk like kenwood or pioneer.


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                      Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
                      Which is fine. What you need to realize though is that free software isn't a way of life for most people. It is very much a service or enabling app that allows them to pursue whatever they are involved in. People choose Apple products for a number of reasons one of which is that they aren't prgrammers and need digital tools that just work.

                      It is a different perspective really that many in the FOSS world don't seem to grasp. A doctor might have zero interest in how his iPhone works but yet he expects it to work when he pulls it out of his pocket. FOSS means nothing in this case. In the case of Android phones it can be a big negative as he may not have the tinker time to deal with Android.

                      On the flip side you can find doctors that are very much interested in FOSS and might even be writing some open software. Neither approach is better than the other. I just think people need to be more open minded to the needs of others as many people don't give a damn about programming or software in general.
                      Everyone with IQ above their shoe size needs to only be burned once. Once that service or enabling app has burned them, they will very much start to care about the arguments FSF is making.

                      Try asking the people whose nudies leaked from iCloud.