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FSF Issues Their Rebuttal To Apple's New iPhone, Watch & Apple Pay

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    With a name like Droidhacker I would expect bias.

    Much of what you print is garbage.

    Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
    I find it interesting that people are whining about how stoopid people are engaged with apple.
    I don't see a problem with that.
    Let the stupid people engage with apple, that way they can be effectively segregated from the rest of the world and we don't need to deal with them.
    the idea that stupid people buy Apple products is asinine. The fact is the product is chosen by some of the smartest people on the planet.
    Just watch the MASS of apple advertising, and realize that it only gets them <15% of the market. Meanwhile, Android is just laying back with 80%. This isn't a war, its comic releif.
    The overwhelming majority of the Android hardware sold isn't even comparable to an iPhone or for that matter the Galaxy line up. The fact is for smart phones IOS has been rushing equivalent Android hardware.
    Now what I think... apple is actually doing a pretty good job of building customer RESENTMENT. I pretty much have no choice but to feel sorry for anyone who "upgrades" from the previous apple phone to the new one, because it is really no different. If any of their customers actually REALIZE that, then they may actually feel like they got ripped off.
    this may be the most asinine statement you have made here. Each iPhone release has made substantial strides over the previous releases. To publish such a statement just demonstrates how biased you are.
    Think about this;
    They have a new NAME for the same CPU, with a slightly boosted (but still low) clock speed. It may be 64bit, but its a weak 64bit, and only 2-core.
    That is complete garbage. There isn't a 64 bit chip on the market that performs as well as Apples A7 or A8 series.
    They are crippled by a weak-ass powervr GPU that can't even drive a modern QHD display.
    Yet it out performs every shipping mobile GPU at the time of release.
    The displays they picked are 1-2 year old. The smaller one isn't even FULL HD -- more like the TWO YEARS AGO Nexus 4. The bigger one has finally made it up to LAST YEARS Nexus 5. Wait a couple of weeks and see the updated 2014 Nexus 5 packing a QHD on an Adreno 420.
    So we can laugh at the poor implementation?
    They added a barometer. Does anybody remember the year 2011? That's the year Galaxy Nexus was equipped with a barometer.

    What they are selling as the "6" is already at least a YEAR out of date, and is NO legit improvement over the last iteration. It will be funny IF people start to realize this.
    taken as a whole there isn't a product out there that better integrates bleeding edge technology.
    Which some will, and they'll leave.
    Bringing apple a little bit closer to their comfortable and familiar 10%.
    The problem with your post is that it is all garbage. Instead of posting real advantages a Android might have you try to smear Apples products with lies and disinformation. It is rather pathetic considering that information about iPhones performance is all over the web and verifiable.


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      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      Don't worry about Apple cause they're already digging themselves a hole they can't get out. Jailbreaking is all but dead now on iPhones as Apple has won. Anyone who enjoys freedom won't buy them anymore. Samsung though does an excellent job in allowing customers to do what they want with their phones and tablets.

      Keep in mind that Android is expanding much faster then iOS. I wanted to buy a new car stereo for my car and I said to myself "I wish I had Android for a car stereo". Sure enough they exist. It's gotten to the point that Android will appear in every device, cause Android does make it better. Having Android in my car stereo not only allows me better control for music, but videos, games, GPS, theft location tracking, and I can even have it read OBD2 from the car. Meanwhile Apple made a watch.

      The only people who will buy their nonsense are people who think that owning Apple products still makes you look cool and Apple fanboys.
      Apple announced iOS for cars last year...


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        Your dishonesty here is pretty pathetic.

        Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
        Actually, they cater explicitely to the LOW end. It is not a power-user's device and would not satisfy someone genuinely needing a high end device. They're about FASHION, not about anything useful.
        It is actually one of the most powerful pocketable devices out there.

        Which is actually a massive marketing BLUNDER on their part, since you can make more money on volume than on a few over priced sucker items.
        What do you think makes more money? Toyota or Ferrari?
        they both make money which is the Important thing. Contrast that with the many manufactures involved in the Android world that haven't made money and in some cases have gone out of business.

        Old name: A7.
        New name: A8.
        So you are trying to say adding a billion transistors didn't imprive anything? This unfortunately is the part of your posts that I see as the most obvious example of your dishonestly or ignorance. These SoC have been market leading for years now and frankly it has been supported by reputable testing. Really though show us a better ARM implementation that out performs A7 or A8 at the same clock rates. We are waiting because it is time to put up or shut up.

        You're dreaming.

        Correction... most of LAST YEAR's high end.

        You're missing the point. The fact that a modern GPU can drive a QHD means that it can absolutely SCREAM with a 1080p.
        You mis the point we don't care! The end result is what is I,port at and frankly you can't complain about the performance of the iPhones and their SoCs. You can post all the garbage you want but a rational individual can find plenty of test data on line these days. If the test data dozens t prove the point the UI and its responsiveness will.
        And actually, APPLE was the one to INITIATE the whole race to high resolution. What they did wrong is that they started something they couldn't finish.
        Actually they solved a problem and went on to other things that are more important.
        As far as their screen QUALITY goes... its no different than any other LCD. The big quality difference you are talking about actually comes from things like AMOLED (samsuck), which is absolutely HORRIBLE quality, since it pretty much LIES about its resolution, but takes as much GPU to support as a genuine high resolution display would. It comes down to PenTile RGBG, which gives full resolution in the GREEN color ONLY, leaving the red and blue at HALF the resolution they advertise. Not only that, but AMOLED is just plain BAD at accurately reproducing colors. They look washed out and flat.

        Except that its NOT an increment. Screen size, like you mention, can actually be worse. CPU is the same, GPU is the same (crap), battery life on an apple? Same camera... thinner? By HALF OF ONE MILLIMETER! You need a fucking micrometer to measure the difference.
        I'm not sure where you get the idea that the GPU is crap in these devices. Worst you imply that the camera is the same when obviously it isn't. Further cameras are about picture quality which frankly few cell phones can match when compared to an iPhone. Again there is plenty of testing available on line so why offer up this crap here?

        Um, lets see... M8 has snapdragon 800 vs 600 in M7. That is a genuine actual MASSIVE difference, both in performance and in power consumption.

        More like "welcome to 2012, we're going to sell you the same thing that we already sold you last year, which was already outdated then."

        So you want me to keep listing all the things that haven't changed?
        Actually we would rather you shut up and stop with the lies. You just make the entire Android community look pathetic which they don't deserve. It is especially pathetic to imply that the SoC hasn't changed when it has an extra billion transistors. Really how warped is you sense of reality.

        Has to end somewhere. But sure, if you really want to mention it, iJunk6 has very little RAM.
        But frankly, who cares? It'll do what they tell you to do, which is about as much as you can expect from a fashion accessory.
        Well that about wraps it up. Make a phone look nice and it is a fashion accessory. The problem here is that design has been part of phone development even before cell phones existed. Looking good does not imply a lack of capability.


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          I used to hand build PC-based in-car entertainment in 2000. Based on existing software. Was fun. All this Android/iOS jazz is old hat.

          It used to be just rich guys being wankers and showing off their dollars (they gotta spend it on something for tax reasons was the reality) but now we have kids staring vacantly at TV's in our cars as well as home and at school.



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            The problem is they aren't loosing and infect are gaining.

            Originally posted by Delgarde View Post
            Yep... they recovered mostly by spreading into a new untapped market. But they've continued with the same approach of trying to retain total control, and as a result, they're losing out to rivals. Google is playing much the same game as Microsoft did back in the day, taking the view that it's better to have the entire world using your software, even if you don't have the same level of control over the platform.
            Android has basically been rejected by corporate America due to the security and management issues. If anything Apple is replacing MicroSoft as its iOS devices are being adopted in places Apple has never had a play. It is actually pretty impressive really to see how much attitudes with respect to Apple have changed in the corporate world. Apple hasn't lost out they have positioned themselves to be a major player.

            Beyond that the Android sales figures are corrupted to show a huge market when most of the Android devices sold are crap hardware hardly capable of delivering a smart phone experience. Basically disposable devices. In the USA Apple has often been in the number one, two and three spots, at the same time, with the major carriers. That is not a company that is loosing at all.


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              Originally posted by stiiixy View Post
              You're talking a lot about Apple doing a lot of OSS commitment. You're almost making out as if they hire OSS people purely to code OSS. It's been my impression their code goes in to BSD-style licences.
              I don't get hung up on license and frankly consider GPL3 to be a very bad license.
              Please, for the much satisfactions of all benefit, provide a link to all these projects Apple are commiting code of any kind to?
              Off the top of my head:
              1. The LLVM/CLang project. Apple hired and employes the major developers of the suite. I forget which license it has but it is university related (Illinois?)
              2. WebKit. A well adopted suite that has really set the standard for the web.
              3. CUPS. Apple hired the lead CUPS developer and has continued to advance that printing platform to modernize it.
              4. All the goodies at Note that libdispatch has been adopted by the BAD guys.
              5. OpenCL was an Apple initiative, driven and standardized by apple.

              Like I say this is off the top of my head. There is a lot of open source code in Mac OS, as to what they contribute back it is hard to say. You would need to talk to the lead developers of each project and maybe go through the commit logs. The idea that Apple doesn't do its share though is bogus. They aren't going to give away the keys to the city of course but they aren't the evil entity many make them out to be.


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                Originally posted by stiiixy View Post
                I used to hand build PC-based in-car entertainment in 2000. Based on existing software. Was fun. All this Android/iOS jazz is old hat.

                It used to be just rich guys being wankers and showing off their dollars (they gotta spend it on something for tax reasons was the reality) but now we have kids staring vacantly at TV's in our cars as well as home and at school.

                I'm not sure I'd call "kids staring vacantly at TV's" a good thing.


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                  Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
                  That and they apparently don't grasp the idea that some programmers have families to feed.
                  That sentence does not make any sense at all.
                  Every human grasps the idea of the need to sustain themselves and people dependent on them.
                  Why would people running any organistation or company loose that knowledge?



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                    Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
                    I'm not sure I'd call "kids staring vacantly at TV's" a good thing.
                    'Awesome' was my sardonic indicator as to how I felt about such things in vehicles for children.


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                      Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
                      it is a product release, you should expect reporting on the FSF, MicroSoft, IBM or anybody else if it isn't related to the product release.
                      What I was trying to say is that the lack of reporting on certain properties of a product basically requires someone else to report it.
                      Sure, one could wait until a competitor potentially uses knowledge of disadvantages to advertise their own product, but a non-competitor can do so as well.

                      A lot of product releases are followed by independent reports on things the official communication did not cover, such as unfair treatment of the vendor's employees or potential security/he risk

                      Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
                      They try to smear Apple every time they release something new yet bring little to the table.
                      I fail to see any smearing, they simply pointed out some of the drawbacks that nobody else was reporting about.

                      Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
                      If the FSF really wanted to make progress against Apple they would focus on delivering products that actually compete with what Apple sells.
                      The FSF has no interest whatsoever to "go againts Apple". They are merely pointing out flaws in recently released products. Whether these flaws are important to you or not depends on your assessment of the potential impact on you.

                      If some health oriented organization reports on potentially harmful additives it is your decision to decide that they are worth the risk or not in conflict with your medical conditon, etc., it still makes sense to report on them for people for which it matters.