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FSF Issues Their Rebuttal To Apple's New iPhone, Watch & Apple Pay

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    Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
    Apple nearly went out of business back in the early 90's until they made the iPod. That iPod is the reason Apple not only survived but grew exponentially. The iPod evolved into the iPhone and the iPad. At thise point the luster of Appleness has worn off and their walled garden is starting to bite them in the rear.
    Yep... they recovered mostly by spreading into a new untapped market. But they've continued with the same approach of trying to retain total control, and as a result, they're losing out to rivals. Google is playing much the same game as Microsoft did back in the day, taking the view that it's better to have the entire world using your software, even if you don't have the same level of control over the platform.


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      The FSF has not gotten a cent from me since these attacks started.

      Originally posted by Daktyl198 View Post
      Is... is this news? "OMG I don't like what they're doing!! *bitch bitch bitch*"
      The inability of the FAF to coexist with the rest of the world is pathetic.
      I mean, I'm all for FOSS and even GNU utilities and such, but the FSF is so useless these days.
      my feelings exactly. Sometimes I think the FSF feels threatened by Apple because Apple produces better FOSS software. That and they apparently don't grasp the idea that some programmers have families to feed.

      It doesn't really do anything but start up random and (mostly) useless projects.
      The replicant project is a good one that I wish didn't have to exist, but it does have to... But many other projects are generally worthless.

      Don't even get me started on their idea of "marketing" or "design"...
      Or the fact that Apple has probably done more for open source than MS and a few other companies that come to mind. The FSF seems to forget that many developers in the Apple ecosystem are there because they frankly need to make some cash. That is not a bad thing at all.


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        Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
        Don't worry about Apple cause they're already digging themselves a hole they can't get out. Jailbreaking is all but dead now on iPhones as Apple has won. Anyone who enjoys freedom won't buy them anymore. Samsung though does an excellent job in allowing customers to do what they want with their phones and tablets.
        That is one view but the reality is this is a firm indicating that Apple has fixed many of the security issues in iOS.
        Keep in mind that Android is expanding much faster then iOS.
        a commonly repeated falsehood.
        I wanted to buy a new car stereo for my car and I said to myself "I wish I had Android for a car stereo". Sure enough they exist. It's gotten to the point that Android will appear in every device, cause Android does make it better. Having Android in my car stereo not only allows me better control for music, but videos, games, GPS, theft location tracking, and I can even have it read OBD2 from the car. Meanwhile Apple made a watch.

        The only people who will buy their nonsense are people who think that owning Apple products still makes you look cool and Apple fanboys.
        Actually that had nothing to do with my buying a Mac in 2008 and sometime later an iPhone. To put it simply I got tired of the constant tinkering required to keep Linux running at the time and more so to make full use of the hardware. It is just not the thing you want to be doing on your main workstation, reliability and "just works" are very important considerations when you objective is something other than a platform to tinker with.

        By the way that doesn't imply that I gave up on Linux as I have it installed on some machinery. The difference is I use Linux where I can leverage its strengths and Mac OS when I can leverage its strengths. The fact that an iPhone works so well with Mac OS is icing on the cake.


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          Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
          What the FSF is missing is that people will use FOSS software when: 1) Does the job 2) Is easy to use 3) Is polished in every possible way.

          And most FOSS devs (mobile/desktop/whatever) are incapable of producing software with the above requirements.
          This really isn't true. There are some really good FOSS projects out there. Many of them aren't consumer oriented though so that can be a problem. The problem with the FSF is that they can't seem to grasp that some programmers actually need to make a living. Sure in some cases you can survive with FOSS but in many cases you can't. The other big FSF problem is that apparently they feel threatened by Apple because Apple has been delivering far better FOSS software then they can. I suspect these attacks have more to do with LLVM / CLang than iOS.


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            Originally posted by Apopas View Post
            This is true! The vast majority of people don't consider freedom as a feature at all, while for me and a lot of the rest FOSS supporters is a way of life.
            Which is fine. What you need to realize though is that free software isn't a way of life for most people. It is very much a service or enabling app that allows them to pursue whatever they are involved in. People choose Apple products for a number of reasons one of which is that they aren't prgrammers and need digital tools that just work.

            It is a different perspective really that many in the FOSS world don't seem to grasp. A doctor might have zero interest in how his iPhone works but yet he expects it to work when he pulls it out of his pocket. FOSS means nothing in this case. In the case of Android phones it can be a big negative as he may not have the tinker time to deal with Android.

            On the flip side you can find doctors that are very much interested in FOSS and might even be writing some open software. Neither approach is better than the other. I just think people need to be more open minded to the needs of others as many people don't give a damn about programming or software in general.


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              This is garbage.

              Originally posted by anda_skoa View Post
              They don't have to be asked in order to provide a perspective that lots of people might have missed due to one sided reporting by others.
              it is a product release, you should expect reporting on the FSF, MicroSoft, IBM or anybody else if it isn't related to the product release.
              They wouldn't have to if the reporting would be actual reporting instead of simply reprinting press releases.

              So it is a good thing that at least one established tech entity provides much needed information.

              Actually this repeated behavior on the part of the FSF makes them look pretty pathetic. They try to smear Apple every time they release something new yet bring little to the table. It blots the reputation of the FOSS movement which frankly they are only a small part of.

              If the FSF really wanted to make progress against Apple they would focus on delivering products that actually compete with what Apple sells. They haven't. Even Android is derived from software that the FSF has had little to do with. The fact is they have no,justification for these attacks, they simply aren't even in the ball game.


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                Yes the FOSS developers.

                Originally posted by Apopas View Post
                The FOSS devs?
                You do realize that Apple employees a very large number of FOSS developers?


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                  Freedom is certainly important but there are varying definitions.

                  Originally posted by Cyber Killer View Post
                  The only thing we can do is to convince them that freedom is important.
                  To some freedom is not having to tinker with their cell phone to keep it working. Freedom is having instant access to software they need. For others freedom is having their cell phone run free of virus, malware and Googles spyware.
                  And maybe ask them to learn a bit of C++ while we're at it, so they can help with coding ;-). (self-sarcasm)
                  Sarcasm that may be but the reality is the majority of people don't give a damn about software development and frankly don't even want hear about it. To them an app is either a product or service which apparently many at the FSF have a problem with.

                  I was careful above to use "FSF" because I didn't want to group the entire FOSS community with the radical element that is the FSF. Most people involved in the FOSS world realize that mainstream users have needs different than theirs.


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                    Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
                    You do realize that Apple employees a very large number of FOSS developers?
                    You're talking a lot about Apple doing a lot of OSS commitment. You're almost making out as if they hire OSS people purely to code OSS. It's been my impression their code goes in to BSD-style licences.

                    Please, for the much satisfactions of all benefit, provide a link to all these projects Apple are commiting code of any kind to?


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                      Originally posted by stiiixy View Post
                      You're talking a lot about Apple doing a lot of OSS commitment. You're almost making out as if they hire OSS people purely to code OSS. It's been my impression their code goes in to BSD-style licences.

                      Please, for the much satisfactions of all benefit, provide a link to all these projects Apple are commiting code of any kind to?
                      I guess this answers my own question;

                      Not sure really how much they give back, but certainly they take, fork and then give that back in a lot of cases; webkit (based on KHTML) is one prime example.