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    Originally posted by steveriley View Post
    What? Equal pay for equal work is discrimination against men?
    Yes, imagine the nerve.

    First they wanted voting rights, then they wanted equal rights, now they want equal pay. When is this going to end? Are we really going to let them emasculate us and take all our white male privileges away?


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      Originally posted by nanonyme View Post
      So is the idea to create more entry-level jobs for women or compete for the few competent female lead developers out there? 5.5 kilodollars a month doesn't sound like entry-level wage
      No, it's $5.5K for the whole duration of the project, not per month. Fact-checking, people!


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        Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
        No, it's $5.5K for the whole duration of the project, not per month. Fact-checking, people!
        Thanks, that makea more sense. I was already suspecting people had gone totally out of their minds. Well, I personally have nothing against having more female peers in the IT sector


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          IOW there's so much talk of not enough women in lead roles it sometimes feels people forget that is really something that cannot be changed fast. When we get a lot of women to entry-level jobs now, some small fraction of them end up in lead roles in ten years span. Same as for men


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            Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
            Every second comment here proves how this outreach program is indeed necessary.
            It's also comments like yours which show exactly why so many react strongly to a simple outreach program.

            It is disheartening to see alleged Free software supporters support discrimination against half the human population based on their gender.
            This, right here. You're completely ignoring the (whole history of) posts like "we need more women in CS... just cause" and then claiming that everyone who wants gender neutral programs (because gender is irrelevant in software dev) is being discriminatory. You're effectively calling us sexist because we want equal opportunity programs, and when we speak against projected gender ratio importance in the software community it's labeled as "discriminating" (even though we can all agree that the gender of a developer is essentially meaningless and that project funding, especially in open-source where funding is limited, should be directed at getting things done, not who's getting them done). It's getting falsely accused of sins they're not responsible for which upsets people. Can't you see that?

            Look, I could care less if Xorg and Gnome spend a small portion of their overall budget on women outreach. In fact, I'm all for it. It would be awesome to see more women in CS.
            It's people who instantly accuse me of sexism when I disagree with the "need" for equalized gender ratio in CS that I have a problem with.


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              Originally posted by M?P?F View Post
              We don't know, but statistics don't lie. It is highly improbable that so few women would be interested in this project. Why are you aggressive?

              Why are you making a distinction for people who have coding skills or not? Everyone should have a happy time! They may not get funded if they don't fill the requirements but that doesn't mean we don't have to be friendly with everyone.
              Depends on how you interpret statistics. For example there is a small percentage of men practicing nursing.

              And i agree that everyone should have a happy time. And as it seems women (the majority) don't have a happy time coding. Or are unwilling to give it away for free as many people do in FOSS.


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                Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
                What you mean the woman who got Fine Young Capitalists shut down, slept with a bunch of men to get good reviews and then decided to try to piss off 4chan? If anything Zoe Quinn is a counterpoint to your statements.
                Can you cite one guy that:
                - she slept with, and
                - gave her a good review after?


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                  Originally posted by tpruzina View Post
                  If you are looking to hire females, you discriminate men.
                  If you pay women in their 20's the same as men, you are discriminating men.
                  Ask some managers, they probably won't admit it publicly, but these guys (or women) have to factor in chance
                  that female employee will get pregnant and you will have to find replacement (and in most european countries you will also have to pay her maternity leave in full for up to 2 years).
                  Companies often pay women the same as men to avoid being labeled as 'sexists', but in fact, this discriminates male employees.
                  Yes I have opinions, No I wouldn't complain at work (since I would be labeled as sexist and possibly fired).
                  Oh nice. Now the women is paid less, so that she is the one who stops working when the couple has kids. So she is the one who gets paid less because, etc...

                  In any case, discrimination is applying something some effect on a individual (e.g. paying less a non pregnant woman) based on a group characteristic (some women get pregnant).
                  So, no, paying the same for doing the same job is not discriminating against men (or any group).


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                    Originally posted by caligula View Post
                    More and more women quit as the course material gets harder during the studies. Finally when you're a PhD in theoretical CS or programming oriented CE, the women are all gone.
                    Cool! I'll tell that to all the women with a PhD in computer science there are in my CS lab. And trust me, there are more than 10 and they all kick asses!


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                      I think this discussion about equal rights has gone out of hand. When you look at a society, the most important thing is actually not that everything is fair and equal. It is way more important that people can walk safely on the streets and drive in their cars without getting harassed or shot at:


                      Isn't it weird and sick how the media demonizes the driver in that car who was only defending himself, while telling how sad it was for the biker that was run over by the driver? It is very common that the offenders get portrayed as victims by the media.

                      It is also way more important that people are happy about themselves and that they get along in their families and help their children grow up to become strong, intelligent and good at what they want to be good at.

                      Men are supposed to be men and they need support for it, both from women and other men in the society. We need strong firemen, soldiers, policemen, men with great vocational skills, men that can fix the plumbing, repair the cars, computers or whatever. These things are a man's job and that has nothing to do with butthurt or whatever, it is simply the way nature works. The society needs great men who can think for themselves, men who are great leaders, men who we can be comfortable with having as our leaders. But we are constantly being brainwashed with Hollywood propaganda that depicts the man as an idiot. Examples of that is 9 1/2 Men, Friends, Sex and the City or whatever is out there these days since I have given up watching bullshit TV and reading bullshit newspapers a long time ago. Even in those large-production superhero movies it is common to see scenes where women are acting disrespectful against the highly regarded superheroes. And the audience sure picks up on those cues.

                      Women have their place too, and there is tons of research that confirm that women have a natural desire to seek roles involved with taking care of other people. That is not a social construct as those gender pseudoscientists call it, it is simply part of nature.

                      It is great that some women are good at programming and related things but they are fewer in numbers than men and I think it is time that society accepts that that's the way it is. Affirmative action policies are very counter-productive and they will just make projects inefficient at best or even ruin whole projects.

                      I have read quite a few articles that quite clearly demonstrates that so called "equal" relationships are a very bad idea. Both get bored by the relationship and the woman lose attraction for the man. And equal relationships don't last long. I've seen such relationships myself and it is painful to see their affected smiles, I see the man how he puts his fake smile to cover his discomfort in his relationship and I see the woman's insecurity.

                      Women are told that what they are doing is wrong by the genderist movements. They are not supposed to be housewives and should be ashamed of themselves for wanting to take care of children, they are supposed to do the same things as men, or so the Hollywood/media are telling them. The same works with companies that market luxury products, they do what they can to make people unhappy that they are not driving the latest Ferrari, wearing the finest suit or using the latest iPhone. It is so easy to brainwash people these days.

                      Trying to go against nature will only destabilize society. Concepts such as miscegenation (which is very unnatural, in nature animal species keep to themselves) and policies that press-gang large groups of people of different ethnicities into the same area is definitely a sure recipe for disaster. But apparently that's the way a select few people in the ruling community want it to be. We are all only servants or slaves, we should know our place and be ashamed of who we are. That's why things about slavery, holocaust among other things are constantly being thrown at our faces by the dumbed-down school and the media.