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    Hi everyone, I'am a long time reader of phoronix, and I decided to join it's community as it is the more linux oriented I know. I study computer science in Switzerland, I use KDE and Kubuntu. I use linux since three years (mandriva suse and kubuntu ) and was really well inspired to, as my master thesis needs a linux platform.
    I own a laptop with a firegl v3200 inside, and I really wait for the holly 7.12 to born.

    Don't hesitate to slap me for my english mistakes. I just need to improve my writing skills.
    I just wanted to add that phoronix has a very good experience in hardware testing for linux.
    But I find pretty difficult as a customer to take advantage of this experience to decide which component to buy. (I mean without reading the details of four months dated articles)
    I wish I could have some full laptop/desktop advices. I regret that those questions are too often left to community forums instead of being answered by more accurate technical references. (I know advantages of neutral positions as I'm swiss )
    I really liked the posts about ati/fglrx and the answer of amd insiders. It definitly made me stuck with my ati laptop.
    That's all for my presentation, thanks for readign and see you soon through the forums.