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  • Microsoft vs. Campaign

    Did any one here has seen latest Microsoft campaign that uses a Microsoft vs. Competition scheme?

    They included OpenOffice and Linux in a versus comparison with their products. All this makes me think they are afraid more market share will continue moving away from their products xD.

    Microsoft vs. Linux

    Microsoft vs. OpenOffice

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    Hah, the Libreoffice PDF whitepaper is not even that bad. I could find no straight lies, and it didn't even mention anything about usability, which they know went to the trash with the ribbon.


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      and can they support Microsoft technologies for your existing Windows, Office, SQL Server and .NET users?
      Will your solution integrate with industry-leading identity management tools like Active Directory?
      Are these... threats?

      Do you even html5 video?
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        Return to freedom

        See why these customers left OpenOffice and came back to Microsoft Office.
        Return to freedom


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          MS vs Linux, etc

          They should compare licensing for sure

          MS: you pay the price like if it was full ownership but rather getting some non-exclusive right to use copy of their crap. You're prohibited from changing anything, etc. Many legitimate and convenient ways to use programs are denied "just because they can".
          Linux & OpenOffice: you pay nothing but get reasonable rights which allow you not just use but also to change program, give it to someone else, get some profit or whatever. Sure, there're some conditions as well, but they're not so restrictive if we'll compare them to MS EULA

          But I'm afraid MS would be scared to make such comparison in their marketing crap


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            Originally posted by TheOne View Post
            LibreOffice/OpenOffice is a low quality, but free imitation of Microsoft Office. I use it when I have to view/edit MS Office files, and I'm using a system that didn't come to me with MS Office preloaded (most jobs I've had give you MS Office preloaded and aggressively enforce it's usage).

            If you want something better, for docs/presentations, use a markup centric tool: either HTML or Markdown for simple stuff or LaTeX for advanced stuff.

            For simple spreadsheets, Google Sheets is nicer easier than either LibreOffice or MS Office. For more serious data analysis, use R or something similar like python/pandas.

            If you are tech savvy enough to use the mentioned tools, you really shouldn't ever use a LibreOffice or MS Office product other than when you have to collaborate with someone insisting on that document format.


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              I click on the video that explains why a bunch of people left OO and returned to ms office and it says silverfight is outdated, I click the play anyway button and the plugin (silverflight something) crashes, crashing chrome (which is the most crash free browser btw) with it.. ms you suck buddy


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                I am using Microsoft office at work because I have to. I did use office 2010 and windows xp, but "up"graded to windows 7 and office 2013.
                Seriously. What a load of crap. Windows 7 is dead slow (compared with xp at least) and office 2013 is horrific. It's user interface is not very intuitive and everything looks like if it is just floating around in a white haze. Even the preferences for dark gray theme is lying you in the face because the theme sure as hell is white as piece of paper.
                No structure, no frames, no nothing... the worst thing about it is not the total lack of a sensible user interface, but the fact that it is dead slow. Stupid animations are now enabled that mess with your workflow and you can't simply turn them off like you would expect, but you have to edit the registry to get this done. Why would one hide such a important feature? beats me for sure.

                Anyway office 2013 is dead slow and if you think a bit what the majority of people use it for you don't really need anything other than openoffice or libreoffice. Most people copy some stuff here and there and write a few mails and so on. Very few use all the functions and more often than not you will find what you need in open office or libre office.

                Open office and Libre office have never ever given me any issues like freezing for several seconds just because I moved a marker from one (empty) spreadsheet cell to another.
                I would GLADLY "down"grade to MS office 2010. it is even useable and functional.

                Also remember that Microsoft does not usually care much about the seriousness of a bug, but rather the number of people that is complaining. Number of people complaining vs potential lost profit.
                The main thing that is keeping Microsoft office alive is inertia. To run Microsoft office you need a microsoft "operatingsystem" or whatever you wanna call that stuff. Sooner or later people who runs businesses will consider other options and then Microsoft would be obsolete at least if they don't change their stupid behavior.

                The operating system stuff is not even worth commenting...



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                  It's an entreprise oriented paper, and they do not talk about rhel at all, don't even mention it.

                  I just give the Red hat version of this article - server side.



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                    Microsoft Office definitely feels more polished than LibreOffice or OpenOffice, there's just something about them that feels a little dated. Feature wise, they're great but I can see why people prefer Excel and Word.

                    That said, I really like Calligra. It doesn't have as many features but it's snappy and has the best UI of all of them... honestly why did nobody else think of making better use of horizontal screen real estate in that way?