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Open-Source Software: Bad For Non-Profit Organizations?

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    Originally posted by nightmarex View Post
    Seriously though, the average person compared to someone like, oh phoronix readers probably know 1/20 what we know in general computer areas, as far as scripts and language for programming 90% of those eyes glaze over, you add back in OS maintenance and you're look at 1%. I love Linux I hate Windows, Apple and others who think they have the right idea. The problem is MOST everyone is a fucking retard when it comes to the things we know and love. So, go with what's already well known, "check", follow the sheep, "check", give two turtle shits about Linux, free software, security and scalability, "wtf is that?"
    So everyone should just go ahead and use linux because it's free and secure even though it's demonstrably not, okay. I believe random neckbeard wannabe.