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  • What about ads?


    I'd like to know, about ads, if it makes a difference whether I let my browser show me ads (which I despise) but don't follow them, don't read them, don't click them (ever), totally ignore them (I also happen to not have a television and I switch channels when I hear commercials on the radio) or if I use an ad-blocker, which spares me the effort of ignoring them by putting them off my sight. I'm not trying to pretend anything, just curious and would like to know if and how it makes a difference as the only system I'm aware of are pay-per-click ads.

    Other than that I'd like to thank you for providing such an extensive and continuous work for the Linux communities.

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    All ads on Phoronix are Paid by Impression, not Pay Per Click. Thus as long as the ads load, money is earned regardless of clicking or interacting with them.
    Michael Larabel