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How to recover partitions deleted by mistake?

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  • How to recover partitions deleted by mistake?

    Hi all,

    I have delete a whole disk that contained a linux installation using "clean" command on Windows using diskpart. After doing that I realized I had delete the wrong disk.

    How could I recover it? I have write nothing nor create any partition on the disk after doing this.

    The disk is a SSD.

    Many thanks in advance

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    A program to recover deleted partitions is testdisk.
    It is present on many live CDs such as SystemRescueCd or GRML. For a full list, see


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      Just recreating the partition table with the same settings should work. So long as you know what those settings were.

      Certainly I've done that on a hard drive, I presume the SSD wouldn't have done some TRIM magic and deleted the contents of the partition as well as the partition table. If you have enough space free, you might want to use dd to dump the entire contents of the SSD to a backup file before you mess with it.


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        I want to thank the help.

        I finally recovered the disk, the procedure were:

        -Use testdisk to recover main partition
        -Installing fresh kubuntu 14.2 onto a new SSD
        -Resize recovered partition to exactly match in size with new one on the new installation (using gparted)
        -Clone partition to partition with clonezilla
        -Restore grub using "boot repair disk"
        -Boot on recovered disk
        -Modify grub to avoid 10 secons wait screen on every boot.