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Nvidia problems - with new hardware

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  • Nvidia problems - with new hardware

    This is a rant so I didn't post it in the Nvidia section.

    I tried to replace a 'legacy' card (using 304.xx) with a GTX 750. Bad idea.

    I can't boot any of my operating systems now. I used various kernels from 3.12 to 3.14.

    I'm so sick and tired of Linux and graphics.

    It's insane that you have to run through hoops to get video to work properly on your computer.

    I have tons of notes regarding the install options, from the .deb package in the repo to the Nvidia installer way.

    Then there are suggestions to blacklist nouveau. Tried that, too.

    I'll put in the old Geforce 79xx card to save my data and try a re-install on one of the OS but if that doesn't work, then I guess that is it.

    At least, I know not to rely on articles here.

    LOL. Yes, these are great cards. I bet catalyst/FOSS is the same - there's more than enough posts in forums about 'black' screens (terminal shell) when X won't load. There is some conflict with modules, driver versions etc. etc. I just need to buy another computer so I can google all the messages. What *****!

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    Please excuse my rant. I got it to work. I discovered that Nvidia ver. 337.19 (compiles?) works with Linux kernel 3.14.3. So, I got everything working in LMDE w/ Nvidia driver 337.19 and Linux kernel 3.14.3.

    Detailed info here:

    Now the Ubuntu problem (nouveau lines running forever - what does that mean?).