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Microsoft ASP.NET vNext Is Open-Source, Runs On Linux

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    Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
    Yes, let's just ignore that their developer and tools division has been moving towards being more and more open since 2008
    Microsoft developer tools has been moving more open largely because they've lost ground to competition. They fought open web standards, and fought them hard with everything they had, and pumped up proprietary tech like Silverlight. They lost.

    They are fighting any competition, including free open source options, to MS Office. At one level, they are supposed to. Office is Microsoft's cash cow and they should fight to preserve that. Some of that is mutually beneficial, they make better products and some people get legitimate value. But they use some of their other tools and standards to promote things like Office and discourage alternatives. They also build cultures in other companies where it is taboo to use a competing standards such as a competing solution to MS Office. That may serve Microsoft's financial interests, and I don't fault them for wanting to make money, but it's not in my interests or the interests of others, and people should act accordingly.

    Originally posted by Filiprino View Post
    Microsoft is not a company to trust. It's a company you have to avoid if you believe in free (libre) software.
    I actually completely trust the C# ECMA standard in that it will do what it says it will do: guarantee developers that Microsoft won't sue them.

    I don't trust Microsoft to equally and fairly support competition to MS Office or Windows or SQL Server or .NET or C#/F# even when those competing technologies serve my needs better.


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      Originally posted by DanLamb View Post
      I actually completely trust the C# ECMA standard in that it will do what it says it will do: guarantee developers that Microsoft won't sue them.
      The thing is that not all of C# is in that ECMA. That ECMA is Old.
      Microsoft offers no guarantee against anything. By preserving the leadership of C# development they can force developers to embrace any possible future closed source C# version once they've embraced and extended their current free C#. They'd only have to release a new closed versions with new features and nobody would fork C# and start playing the catch up game for features against the closed C# from Microsoft, like has happened until now with Moonlight, Mono ...


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        Consider it a boon for developers

        Consider it a boon for developers,C# my fav language, Working on linux time being


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          Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post
          Yo Wolf, nice to see you again.

          Take my advice: don't waste another second of your precious time on the organism you are talking to.

          Notice how he really only shows up when there's Microsoft-bashing involved?