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    Originally posted by wargames View Post
    Exactly, one of the reasons why I hate TV is advertising. I hate advertising, I just can't stand it. If I wanna buy something I'll go the store and buy it, there's no need to try to turn me into a zombie.

    P.S: Seriously Michael, you can sell exotic beers, there's nothing wrong with that
    Although I hate advertising myself and the fact that everyone is trying to shove down our throats their crap, several times I found deals through online advertising, like my recent laptop purchase. And sometimes I would find out new products or discounts.


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      Um, well. No beer from my side this year.

      a) lack of money in general
      b) stress / workload
      c) eh, the prices may be okay compared to other meetings but actually, they are ridiculous. Maybe for somebody taking a flight from the American continent to Europe it's a peanut to spend 100 Euros per day (plus something for a roof for the night) but for me it is way too expensive. In Chemnitz I get in for 5 or 7 Euros the whole weekend and it was always a good atmosphere there. No, >= 200 Euros is way, way over my purse's limit. :/
      The community Saturday doesn't make it for me since it is just Saturday and that's not much and a lot of the interesting lectures are also on the days before.
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