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  • Window preferences.

    Notice I am speaking in singular, not to be confused with the half-backed product from that Company we all love to hate/disrespect.

    I didn't know where to post this, so I decided to post it here, in the General discussion forum, as it doesn't quite relate to "Linux" as such.

    Recently I finished installing Fedora 8 Werewolf to my system, and I decided to not migrate my whole desktop preferences this time around, so I let it create the home directory and directory structure, and started migrating my settings from my previous installation. What usually do to any new X11 environment I'm on (and which is customizable enough) is to change the order of the window buttons on the title bar. Even though I'm no Mac lover, I do reckon they have some UI and Human Interaction principles spot-on, like window buttons. Maybe it is just me, but after using a Mac for a short period of time (the first I ever used) a few years ago (MacOS X, not 9), I was actually fascinated by how ergonomic the button placement seemed.

    Now I'm right handed, and I actually find it easier to reach "inwards" to the left corner of the window for the close and minimize buttons, and to reach up and to the right for the maximize and window menu buttons. Now every time I have to use a Windows PC I'm so frustrated because I cannot change this, and I find myself fighting with the buttons in the windows.

    I wonder if it is equally comfortable for left handed users (using the mouse with the left hand, obviously) to reach to the right to find the window controls, compared as if they were to the left (like it would be the case for the general public in a "mirrored" situation).

    What are your preferences? Personally I think most people never think about that (hence may not even care), and actually reach instinctively to where they're "used" to find the buttons.