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So, Microsoft just open sourced most of .NET...

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    going trough more articles and videos, it actually makes more sense if one stops to find that one loophole where MS holds you for the balls. if i only wouldn't be so sceptic about MS doing something good for a change, answer would be obvious much sooner

    MS seems to be slowly shifting their business model, which actually makes sense. they were stuck in market where they were holding most of the ground already and any growth was not really possible, while in most other markets they were failing. not to mention competition is expensive.when you compete on os level. whole keynote more or less sounds like, screw os... use our cloud services from any device. and as soon as you look from this perspective, them open sourcing .Net and WinJS is not charity move, but rather sound chess move where you sacrifice pawn or two in order to get closer to win. it is a move they were simply forced to do if they wanted to proceed in that direction. and last thing one would want to do with move like that is something fishy. if they wouldn't do that, cloud service that only runs on one device or os is not really cloud service and not to mention it is hard to create cloud service if they don't provide tools for that