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Mozilla To Begin Pushing Ads To The New Tabs Page

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    Originally posted by Detructor View Post
    erh that's just wrong.

    NK is a dictatorship, that can't be communism by definition.

    And Cuba is a mix of socialism and dictatorship
    There is no good example of true Socialism or Communism. North Korea and Cuba are extremely poor examples because both have extremely strong and authoritarian governments which is perhaps Socialism but not at all Communism. I think Venezuela is probably the best example of Socialism, and even that is a bad example. There has never been a good example of Communism to compare anything against.


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      Originally posted by mark45 View Post
      The foundation might be non-profit, but the main workers (programmers) are (always) paid and paid well, if you don't want childish source code in the browser you better have a paid project rather than a testing minefield for hobbyists.
      Truth is, regardless of what a working group is called - a "foundation for homeless children" or "organization for preserving democracy" - its members are almost always paid, and usually well paid. Nobody works for free, not in capitalism nor in socialism.

      The problem is finding the golden middle where you can earn enough yet not be an ads circus.
      ... here on phoronix, many people actually believe that there is such a thing as a free lunch.


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        Originally posted by MartinN View Post
        ... here on phoronix, many people actually believe that there is such a thing as a free lunch.
        Their moms pack them one every day.


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          If I understand it correctly then there are just a few preloaded bookmarks/tiles when you open a fresh profile. What the hell are people getting upset about?



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            Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
            Their moms pack them one every day.
            i give you two internets


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              Nothing in the world is even remotely close to resembling a free market. EVERY economy is either centrally planned or mixed with strong elements of central planning. Even money itself is a state-run enterprise and competition is often illegal or intentially regulated or bullied out of existance. The whole idea that free markets is a failure is non-sense. Nearly all of the arguments against free markets are really arguments against mixed markets. At the end of the day, you either believe in liberty, authority, or a combination of the two. Btw, even utopian anarcho syndicalist communities have majorites that impose their will on minorities, especially the individual.


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                I honestly cannot believe the insanity and chaos coming from this.

                1: It costs money for Mozilla to do stuff, and they're going to be doing even more work because of their new Rust language.
                Mozilla was making most of their money through Google anyways.
                Google being the default search and being used in Firefox meant $$ for Mozilla which is good for all of us web browser users.

                2: Chrome itself is Google search, and Google search is driven by Ads, and Ads is how Google makes money.
                Firefox has default Google search, which is driven by Ads, and Ads is how Google and Mozilla make money.
                It's just different ads. Rev it down.

                3: Settle down and post your Capitalism/Socialism stuff in another thread. Whether something is right or not we can debate over but it doesn't change the fact that these developers need money. The theory of Capitalism and the Free Market is that if you have a better product, you will be making more money. We all know that it doesn't always work like that in the real world, so please, organize your thoughts and debates just a little so I don't have an aneurysm trying to make sense of it all.
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                  Originally posted by ObiWan View Post
                  It's just some default bookmarks on the new tab page, like Opera, nothing to really worry about.
                  And only on fresh profiles.
                  This ^
                  Back to the topic at hand (how did this get turned into a governmental discussion?), these are only showing pre-pinned sites (like Amazon, Ebay, whatever) in the new tab place FOR NEW PROFILES. If you're a person who's already pinned tabs to all 9 (or more, if you added more via about:config) then it won't affect you. If you create a new profile, it will show pre-pinned sites that you can quickly get rid of (by unpinning them). Seriously guys, way to make a big deal out of nothing.

                  As for the person who suggested Google might have stopped paying them, I'm sure Microsoft would jump at the chance to get in as Firefox's default search.

                  With this, they can get some extra money from, say, Amazon without it being related to search but with it being literally a single click to get rid of if users don't want it.


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                    Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
                    Their moms pack them one every day.

                    touch?. You've won the Series of Tubes ? award.


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                      Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
                      A big fuck you to mozilla if they implement something like that.

                      Also to all the morons that say capitalism sucks go live in Cuba or north Korea. Then come and repeat these bullshit.
                      The problem with USA and other "rich countries" people, is that they still live with some amount of comfort and don't get to really think what is really the nature of Capitalism...

                      Do you understand where the US high standard of living comes from?

                      It doesn't come from your high productivity... Actually, you produce far less goods and services for the standard of living you are currently enjoying...

                      Your nice standard of living comes from the status of the dollar. You can print as many dollars as you want, and they have value because most of the world trade and of course, OIL, has to be done in US dollars...

                      And if someone doesn't want to receive dollars for their goods, oh well, you have some nice bombs to show them, like you did with Sadam, Gaddafi and other folks (oh, i forgot, it was about "democracy")...

                      So, in fact, your high standard of living for the last decades is based on your weapons, and your threats to use them on any country that doesn't comply... Any wonder why the whole world hates your guts?

                      Capitalism is wrong, it is based on the fallacy that perpetual expansion is possible... It is not. And sooner or later it will collapse globaly, no matter how many tricks the elite does...