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Linux.Conf.Au 2014 Presentations Worth Watching

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  • Linux.Conf.Au 2014 Presentations Worth Watching

    Phoronix: Linux.Conf.Au 2014 Presentations Worth Watching

    With the Linux.Conf.Au 2014 conference having wrapped up, here's some of the video recordings that I'd recommend worth watching as Phoronix readers...

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    Are the slides anywhere? I couldn't find any.


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      Can I create a torrent with these videos?


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        If that mirror is slow, there's also the torrent here:

        Or the magnet URI:



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          Screw videos. Give me text.


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            Originally posted by DanL View Post
            Screw videos. Give me text.

            Some people (myself included) simply learn better from reading text than listening to someone talk.


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              that was a wondeful experience.

              It happen that LCA was held in the city where I work, and it is in the holiday session, so as a long time Linux hobbyist, it was like a dream come true.
              Needless to say the first day I was there at 6 AM  , I would say it was different from what i was expecting, Linux is a mature platform , and most the attendees are professionals, a lot of people use Macbooks too.
              In the three graphics talks that I attended ( Glamor, GLX and DRI3) there was not really any mention of wayland , I had the opportunity to talks to Adam Jackson and Eric anholt, they are really very nice persons.
              From what I understood, the plan is to make the display server hardware agnostic and talks to the devise driver using only EGL, either it is X, wayland or MIR.


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                I don't know about anyone else, but I simply lost it when I saw Lennart's shirt!