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Linux Developers Asked To Distance Themselves From RMS

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  • Linux Developers Asked To Distance Themselves From RMS

    Phoronix: Linux Developers Asked To Distance Themselves From RMS

    A supposed Linux kernel developer has called upon Linus Torvalds and other kernel developers to take action against Richard Stallman and the GNU/Linux naming controversy...

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      Liam Lindholm probably works for a popcorn company.


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        I really like to see the BSD useland replacing the GNU useland on Linux distros.


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          Jeez. Not using the GNU userland would definitely make the naming controversy go away. Just pull in the FreeBSD userland and problem solved ... I seriously doubt *BSD developers would request the system be called BSD/Linux.


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            Image Thread?


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              Poor RMS...

              I can understand his frustration at not being the poster boy after all the technical work that he did. At the end of the day, though, by now he should know life isn't fair.

              The GNU code base is degrading though, maybe he should go back and do some coding. Note that people are moving from GCC to LLVM (and not just due to licensing concerns).

              Well... if it's any consolation to him, I don't use GNU/Linux or Linux, I use Fedora.


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                WTF did I just read?

                So lemme get this straight... some dude pretending to be a kernel programmer says something stupid on the LKML and it becomes newsworthy? Why?

                Oh... more click-bait. I see now.


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                  What a complete fucking tool. NOBODY has ever said the Linux kernel should be renamed in recognition of GNU; it's the OSes which use both the GNU userland and the Linux kernel that are Stallman's concern.

                  Why is Phoronix running articles to inflate some idiot's sense of self-importance again?


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                    I was not aware LignuX has been proposed. That is rather smart and certainly a hacky name. I think I'm gonna begin to use it.
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