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The AllSeen Alliance leaves me with that WTF feeling.

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  • The AllSeen Alliance leaves me with that WTF feeling.

    1. First off the name of the foundation and what the project is about, invokes an involuntary FACEPALM.

    2. Next is the source code license.
    The Alliance will release project code under the ISC License and provide no other rights for such code other than those expressly granted in that license. For the text of the ISC License, please visit Except as otherwise expressly stated in the ISC license, the Alliance does not grant any licenses or other rights to any copyrights, patents or other intellectual property for project code.

    After reading the ISC License and the above statement it leaves me with the impression that I am being setup to be sued for patent infringement.

    3. Then you have the FACT, there are instructions for getting started on Windows and Android but not linux.

    4. After reading the docs Linux C++, trying to figure out what, you need to download from there src code repo is a pain in the ass. Eventually
    you will just clone the alljoyn repo. And its a scons unorganized cluster fuck.