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Choosing A 2013 Laptop/Ultrabook For Linux

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    ASPM support is a must-have. Please add 'pcie_aspm=force' in boot-up parameters, and show dmesg.


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      Meh, I think the Yoga 2 Pro is a better deal than what Michael got. Haswell CPU + 275DPI igzo screen + tablet mode for 1400CHF (probably less in the US), and basically everything other than multi-finger gestures works on the hardware side.


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        Originally posted by blinxwang View Post
        Isn't the 2013 Haswell Macbook Air working with little to no problems with a recent distro (Ubuntu 13.10, Mint 16, Fedora 20)? It seems like the last time you tested it was with an old software stack and/or pre-release components on Ubuntu 13.04, Michael.

        I was just about to ask about this. Since the early issues Limux has revved several times and I believe Apple has come out with a firmware update or two. So if somebody could confirm this it would be much appreciated.

        I have a rather old MBP that I run Linux in a VM on. It really isn't that bad. My understanding though is that Linux use to run great native on the various Mac Books up until 2013 when things got shook up due to a software glitch. I'd really love to see an article on getting Linux to run on a 2013 MBA.


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          My 2013 15" Macbook pro seems to be doing allright.