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FreeBSD does not have ASLR

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    There are three possible interpretations of the situation:
    1: The distro couldn't take legitimate criticism;
    2: They were hairtrigger and mistook the poster for a troll;
    3: The poster was rightly banned as a troll or someone who refused to spend one minute on a Google search; or
    4: The poster is lying about the forum.

    Searching Google for "freeBSD ASLR" immediately points out (on the first page):

    Some of these are from after the date of the post in question, but many are from later.
    Which indicates that the poster did not search for information.
    This is taken as a sign of trolls throughout the open source community (possible exceptions: Scientific Linux mailing list, Ubuntu and Puppy Linux forums).
    Additionally, the wording used here strongly implies a very offensive phrasing at the FreeBSD forums.

    Apart from that, the first link is a thread on the FreeBSD forums on exactly the same subject, with a greatly different outcome. I cannot see any way for the poster to be telling the truth about what happened while having not been taken for a troll.