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Microsoft Buys Nokia's Device and Services Division + Tech Patents!

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  • Microsoft Buys Nokia's Device and Services Division + Tech Patents!

    The devices aren't really a boon for Microsoft given Nokia's horrible track record lately, but the patents will give them considerable leverage against Android and Linux in general.

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    Nah. Patents which were sold are design patents that ms can make lumia's and ashas. Tech patents still belongs to nokia after the deal, those are just licensed to ms for 10 years.


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      Anyone find it strange that Elop continues in the same job over at Microsoft?

      After all, it was Elop that bungled the entire Nokia business into ashes. The man did such a ridiculously horrible job as a CEO that his bumbling will be used as a cautionary example in business schools around the world for decades if not centuries. What's wrong with the picture, why does MS want him back, let alone in the same job - the job he bumbled in the most atrociously horrible way while at Nokia?

      The only reason I can think of: from Microsoft's perspective, Elop didn't fail - he did exactly what he was meant to do. He brought down Nokia, removed a potential threat of MS, minced the company into easily-digestible pieces for Microsoft. MS wanted to buy Nokia back before Elop, they couldn't pull it off - the shareholders wouldn't have gone for it when the company was still succesful. Elop was a clever ploy, a trojan horse if you will. Microsoft is like a horrible parasite, it destroys everything it touches and feeds on their corpses.

      A sad ending to the tale of Nokia. Now all we can look forward to is seeing MS crash and burn on mobile - it would be poetic justice if Sailfish gained bigger market share than Windows Phone... the revenge of the ghost of Nokia, as it were.


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        My honest condolences go out to the Finnish people who had to see one of their modern identities intentionally drowned...


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          Starting a new thread when the old one is just three threads lower?


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            The mole Elop is reported to be getting a 18.8 million ? bonus from the sale of Nokia to Microsoft, if the sale goes through.

            This reward (some of which is paid in stock) was specified in Elop's contract as Nokia CEO. Most of the money is now being paid by Microsoft, however.

            Yeah, that isn't suspicious at all...