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WebGL Conformance tests

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  • WebGL Conformance tests

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to share the following website that I found out very interesting:

    It is the official WebGL conformance test, that is being used by many browser and device drivers developers to test their implementations.

    In my opinion, WebGL is the great next step for computer graphics that is going to be massively deployed by everyone in the very near future and will be used by many ordinary users around the world, that never tried a real time 3D rendering in their screens.

    This arguments here are supported by well know entities, like Google, who has implemented WebGL in Chrome since the beginning, Mozilla, with Firefox and now, even Microsoft, with the new Internet Explorer 11. All these corporations are supporting this technology within their core products.

    In Chrome for Android, we can also use WebGL, in a mobile device, with the same features we get on desktop version of Chrome.

    Here are some interesting readings for you:

    So, I would like to ask the Phoronix staff, if is it possible to publish tests for different combinations of Browser, device driver and Operating system libraries for these tests.
    I think that it would be pretty interesting and useful for developers, specially those of opensource drivers, to have their implementations tested against this official set of tests from Khronos.