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  • Parted Magic Is Still Free

    Phoronix: Parted Magic Is Still Free

    Parted Magic, the popular lightweight live Linux environment for managing hard drive partitions through GParted and Parted, looks like it's now behind a pay wall, but that's not entirely the case...

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    I've been using Parted Magic for years. To me, it is FAR more useful than just a bootable gparted, it has almost everything you need to repair a computer, and every release of it has more useful improvements. The only thing I wish it had was some sort of GPU artifact test, but I can understand why it doesn't.


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      GParted has their own Live CD/USBs, if anyone is in doubt.
      I have used this Live CD to change the size of a NTFS partition, and no problem occured afterwards. GParted is really good software.


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        Unfortunately, the only download currently available for the latest 2013_08_10 version is the PXE boot version. I couldn't find the ordinary bootable ISO image on SourceForge.

        FWIW, Parted Magic is one of only two rescue distributions that I know of that provides Clonezilla out of the box, accessible via X. The other one is DRBL Live (
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          I think it is scary if you suddenly have to pay for software you always got for free. Most of the time this means an evil person is taking the free software and asking money for it. It should be much more clear that this money goes to the 'owner' of the software. Also make it clear what the money buys you: this version? a yearlong license? lifetime?

          I get that this doesn't apply to free software but I am afraid that people 'get' commercial software and you should copy websites of commercial software. Smart users will still be able to get it for free. Altruistic users will still be able to donate to their favorite projects.


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            I hope the ISO image gets put on SourceForge too.

            Charging for free open source software is alright.

            I think it is a good idea that he put a pay-like wall on the front page. Perhaps a way to bypass it with a <small> link at the bottom of text explaining his situation.
            Also, I think it should be easier to donate to free open source software.

            I want to donate to free software, but I've only donated to GIMP and Firefox so far.
            It should be easier to donate.

            I wish you could donate to free open source software through Ubuntu software store.


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              + 1 on the last comment.

              I don't frankly know how or what's different about 'parted magic' . I had used Gparted way back when Ubuntu had started using it ( circa 2k3/4 ) . If memory serves right, they moved to some different partitioning software. For me Gparted was perfect . Can anybody tell/share how parted magic is different ?

              I know with the move to SATA drives and new format (GPT aka Advanced Format), changes to different filesystems etc. there had been many changes in the recent past but for most people they just need a nice GUI telling how to partition or am I being too naive?


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                Delayed download business model

                Think if he offered instant download to users who payed.

                Users who don't pay still get to download it, but only after waiting 30 minutes.
                Or get a ticket, then can use the ticket after 24 hours.


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                  eeh.. I kind of think the paywall is crappy.

                  I *completely* understand wanting to make income from his hard work.
                  What about the hard work of all of those people who made the tools that parted magic uses? gcc, fdisk, fsck, etc, etc, etc... they don't see a dime of the money he makes. In essence he is doing the same thing those ebay sellers are with the live media. The ebay sellers are charging for the service of burning Parted magic onto a CD. He is charging for the service of combining the tools into a useful boot cd.

                  I think pulling an ubuntu and just having a large "Download and donate x dollars" with a smaller link to download for free would be adequate... Why doesn't he wrap Parted magic in a professional product (pressed cd, etc) and sell that? (as long as he offers the source code of everything GPL for free, he is on the up-and-up)
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