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What Linux Distribution Should Be Benchmarked The Most?

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    Originally posted by r_a_trip View Post
    You haven't read a thing I wrote, did you? Or you still think I consider Ubuntu a variant of GNU/Linux. Or you are too green to know the difference...
    i dont blame canocial from trying to become theyr wont thing...
    i actualy dont mind what so ever, like i said i dont care about any other distro... and besides if they dont fork the kernel is still linux and other distros can run what they run.


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      Originally posted by ayandon View Post
      Fedora and Arch Linux are must.
      Arch Linux doesn't support fglrx, and Fedora neither supports nvidia (proprietary driver) or fglrx.

      Yes, you can use them, but it's unsupported and you can sometimes expect bad results.


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        I'd always thought from a convenience point-of-view that Arch would have been best because you could just script the installation instead of having to hand-hold it. You could set it running and leave it until finished. But I accept rolling release affects your ability to reproduce results.

        I'd be happy if you used anything except Ubuntu or its derivatives, I think it's time to cut loose this travesty.

        The people who have argued for Debian Unstable have convinced me with their argument for this choice so I vote for that.


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          My vote goes to Debian or one of its derivatives, such as SolydK.

          PS: By the way, hello to you all . I've been a reader of Phoronix for years, but this is my first post in these forums.
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            The Ubuntu family will do. It's easy to install software and most people use it/are interested in it.


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              Disclaimer: I use Archlinux for everything.

              I think Linux Mint could be a good choice. According to distrowatch it is an even more popular distribution than Ubuntu and it adheres to common GNU/Linux practices rather than the -not made here- mentality.

              I would however make use of a minimal Archlinux installation to perform the tests of the latest releases of various software.


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                Ubuntu + Fedora + Manjaro / Sabayon

                Ubuntu with Mir and deb and more popular
                Fedora with Wayland and rpm and Red Hat based
                Manjaro with both - as arch uses to let the user choose - arch, and versions you can compare
                or if you prefer or want to add other...
                Sabayon with both and they use to have versions too


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                  Originally posted by Kirurgs View Post

                  Comparisons IMHO should include:
                  1. Ubuntu 12.04.x - because that's the stable one, the people will use for business purpose, etc.
                  2. Ubuntu lastest - coz that's what other bunch of people use
                  if a article is about a comparsion from all this distros for every else stuff, michael shurely cant efficiency test 5 distros. that woudl 5x his work nearly.
                  Originally posted by Kirurgs View Post
                  3. ArchLinux - coz that's bleeding edge
                  in which universe is arch linux bleeding edge? mesa 9.1, firefox 22.0 and libreoffice 4.0 is everything but shurly not bleeding edge, . I would not even call that cutting edge.

                  Originally posted by Kirurgs View Post
                  4. Debian - the mother of bubuntus
                  no systemd, no tmpfs so a benchmark about debian says not much for any other distro, so not good distro to test destkop stuff.

                  Originally posted by Kirurgs View Post
                  5. Fedora - kinda bleeding edge, but quite popular
                  you can choose when you update, so you can a bit self define how stable you want your experience. Installed fedora 19 on my daddys pc coming from a ubuntu gnome desktop 1 month ago so far no big problems.


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                    Originally posted by MrTheSoulz View Post
                    since i do not care about any other distro phoronix will not be news site for me anymore i guess wich makes me VERY sad becuase i used to check in at least 5 times a day here to see the news :C
                    I don't care about Ubuntu one bit, yet I'm still here. Linux distros as a whole means something to me.

                    Anyhow, I agree that the question is somewhat worded incorrectly. It should be x vs wayland vs mir to show the difference in the displays for games, for compile times, a distro without a display server running screen may suffice.
                    Linux is an amazing thing. Don't limit yourself into thinking one distro to rule them all, or that every distro should be tested regardless of how redundant.

                    In spirit of what you asked a heads up Fedora vs Ubuntu in most benchmarks should cover the bases I would think (not that I use either).


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                      I vote for Arch. It is vanilla, easily configurable, and up to date.