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AMD getting serious with androiud,chrome OS - Intel Obsidian

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  • AMD getting serious with androiud,chrome OS - Intel Obsidian

    I came across few days back story about AMD starting taking Android market more seriously than ever by dropping windows exclusivity.Link
    Today we have great move from desktop to mobile (smartphone,tablet) space and that this news comes in time when Mir is heavily reliant on Google technologies for drivers to work on uPhone.Link
    And to things get even more interesting Intel has it's own UI preparing to launch as described on ArsTechnica.
    I just find it silly that this news is not getting on any major Linux site especialy at time when everybody seems against Canonical push to mobile space. Thoughts people ?

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    I wonder how AMD's marketing defines "OEM product". It's like those AMD laptops here that came with linux don't exist.


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      I think all these articles' information traces back to one PCWorld article.

      And it's really non-news. It's the new AMD: If customers/OEMs ask for something that AMD doesn't offer, then AMD tries to placate them first, and only if that repeatedly fails starts to move (slowly). In the interview, the SVP was as non-committal as it gets. No products named, no timeline, no details.

      So we might see Chromebooks with Temash one day (personally I hope for a quad-core Acer V5-122P Chromebook with 1600x900+ screen) but don't hold your breath.