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Discussion on article re- Windows 8 and PC gaming

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  • Discussion on article re- Windows 8 and PC gaming

    I recently read an interesting, if a bit biased article, which tried to sum up why game developers such as Valve, Croteam, Notch etc. were concerned about the path MS was taking with Windows 8. The article I read was this:

    Anyway, I've managed to start up a discussion about the above article with a few friends who are entrenched into the MS culture due to their work. They've questioned a number of points which I'm now trying to find out some info about. In particular I'm wondering about the mention that Metro/Windows store apps are only downloadable and installable from the Windows Store? I took this at face value before based on the comments by Croteam and other devs that it was a particular requirement of MS windows certification, but now that I'm looking into it, I'm finding things like the Intel App Store for Windows 8* :
    (*edit: Intel AppUp seems to have been around before Win8, but still does include some Win8 apps. Are these only non-metro apps?)

    Can anyone shed some light on what's going on here? Is it just that Intel has signed some agreement with MS to have all apps on their own store certified by MS aswell?

    Also, I was already skeptical on the "MS ceasing new feature development for DirectX" part (why would they abandon an API that helps lock in vendors to their X360 and PC platforms?!), and it figures that it was also incorrect. See here:
    That was no real surprise.

    Anyway, if anyone has anything to add to this article, whether backing up some of it's points or arguing against them, I'd love to hear some discussion!
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