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  • Recommend good anime.

    Hi guys. I just got done watching dragonball and dragonball z. I thought they were pretty good. I did some quick google searching, but there is soooo much anime out there it is real hard to get a feel for where to start.

    I liked dragonballs sense of adventure and its basis in fantasy with some future tech thrown in. Also it had some epic moments. When Krillin and Gohan were hiding in the mountain side as Freiza flew overhead and they were shaking in their boots really gave it a sense of how powerful freiza really was. That sense of epicness is what I really liked. What do you guys think? What series would be good for me to watch next?
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    You may want to try One Piece, it's about the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the other pirates.


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      Dragonball hehe.... Well - Dragonball is OK. But not Z etc. Thats pilecrap.
      For anime from same author, check Dr.Slump!

      But, for good anime--- get Van Hellsing OVA version (and only OVA). Its worth money!