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Linux noob and loving it

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  • Linux noob and loving it

    Before I start I just want to mention that I am a .NET developer. I am a linux novice. Maybe a step up from a noob. Only flavors I have ever used are Ubuntu and Mint. First time I had ever even logged into Ubuntu was only a couple years ago. I hated their new GUI and went back to Windows. A friend suggested I try Mint. I played around with Wine a bunch. Between that and trying to manually installing nvidia's drivers I hosed my install quite regularly. I railed about how backwards using a command line was. I completely stopped using it except on an intel atom/nvidia ion media box. The performance in XBMC for that hardware in Linux rocks.

    Fast forward a couple years, steam comes out. I made the plunge and wiped out windows 7 and am only running Mint 14 Cinnamon now. I am pretty decent with the command line and even prefer it sometimes. Discovered POL and it was extremly easy to install Nvidia 313 using software manager. I have four boys ages 11-16, all with their own gaming rigs. My 11 year old made the plunge after seeing Linux Mint and is only running Linux now. My 13 year old is dual booting but spends most of his time in Linux. My 14 year old is next. He mostly playings MC, HoN, LoL, and MW2 and I think I can get those all working. We have a bunch of games installed like EVE Online, Farcry 2, Killing Floor, TF2, Oil Rush, Solar 2, SPAZ, CS and Minecraft. I am done buying anymore games that dont have a native linux client and I buy games weekly, mostly through steam and I buy quite a number of 4 packs. I would be surprised if I didnt spend a couple thousand a year on games.

    My kids are big into MC and my ISP just upgraded my service from 25 down and 5 up to 150 down and 20 up although I actually get 40 up for $10 more a month. I went and built a I7 game server. Installed Mint and currently have two MC instances running. I have Remote Desktop with vino server and rdesktop working. I have sickbeard and Sabnzbd+ moving content to my Media Server which is running WHS 2011 and holds 15 TBs. My next step is to convert that and my back up media server over to Mint. The only thing holding me back from moving the media boxes in my kids rooms over to Mint is losing Netflix.

    Linux got me really excited about computers again. I was getting burned out with Windows and constantly having to clean or even reimage my kids computers. Linux is like a breath of fresh air. I am in it for the long haul. When work calms down a little I am going to see if I can find a coding project to help out with so I can give something back. I am also thinking of building a sweet gaming rig this Summer. I read that SLI doesnt work very well in Linux right now so thinking maybe of getting a Titan. Just wanted to let long term member of the community know how much I am enjoying Linux. I wouldnt be surprised if next year really is the year of the Linux desktop.