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The Passing Of An Open-Source GPU Driver Developer

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    I had view your website frequently starting from 2005, that means I *do* support your business a lot even I really hate your style. But could you just do a one good thing by provide the kinda detailed biography of Mr. McFadden?

    I had personally learned a lot from Mr. McFadden's Quake3 Maemo port source code. If you can do a favor for me (us), I will very grateful.
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      Originally posted by JiE3D View Post
      I read Phoronix since a long time, but this time is too pathetic to ignore. You are making an article about a fellow developer who unfortunalty passed away, and the very first sentence is about how we learned exciting informations (sic!), pointing not, to one, two or three, but four of your own articles. Long time Phoronix readers are already aware that you'll use any means to get as much hit as possible on any article regardless or their content, wich in majority is extremely poor for someone that call himself "journalist", but doing it in such a nasty way, without at least having the decency to focus on Oliver McFadden with the very first lines, and without feeling the need to throw us a puke of references to your own blog articles. Even the title stinks, make it sounds like you're going to tell us a tale.

      And you couldnt even end with a word of support for its relatives, you know, at least by courtesy.

      You are a despicable person.
      1/10, shitty trolling.
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