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What Linux Users Are Saying About GNOME In 2012 (Part 1)

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    Originally posted by kigurai View Post
    Not sure if directed at me, or mayankleoboy1.
    I am talking about users in general. If there is one thing I remember from my Software Engineering classes, then it is that users (in general) have no clue about what they want. Asking them what they want can actually be destructive.
    It is of course a generalization, but it is worth to keep in mind.
    it was really directed at everybody

    i was in sales for a while, and "people are sheep" was our moto for that time, sheep as in they will flock where they see other people flock (its true)
    if you deal with a person you know and you can tell him/her "that will be dumb" without them getting angry, then you can make a good whatever it is you'r makeing
    if you cant, you can only rely on common sense(your's and those around you)
    as i see the gnome3 devs didnt get much freedom(i dont know)
    (G. S. Patton: "Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.")

    actually i dont wanna get into this discussions, as theres too many variables and thus too many opinions
    what i can point out is GIMP as an example of doing the user_feedback/dev_freedom thing right

    also i can put my personal opinion that is: its just the couple small things that bug me with gnome3, combined with the inability to change/affect them

    edit: also that bugs me are people like misterpah that are narrow minded and just like insulting others
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      Please remove the article it makes gnome devs cry.

      I hope no gnome dev will buy gasoline to make a bbq with himself.


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        Originally posted by rafirafi View Post
        I hope no gnome dev will buy gasoline to make a bbq with himself.
        yeah and some GNOME fans cry too, as shown here

        sad they can't just MAKE THA WHINEYS SHUT UP once and for all heh?


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          My biggest problem with Gnome 3 is not Gnome Shell, which I find better than Unity (even tough I'd wish I had not to install extensions to make it work).

          What annoys me is that devs think that removing features is a feature, which is not, at least not for laptop and desktop computers with no input and screen limitations. They are going the same route Windows 8 has gone and this is disastrous for the linux desktop. I've alwas loved the elegance of gnome2, but this road of making gnome even dumber than windows 8 is simply silly.

          They don't even care for backwards compatibility, which is bad for the linux desktop (read Miguel de Icaza's article about this)
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            must resist not replying to the stupid troll


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              Originally posted by newwen View Post
              My biggest problem with Gnome 3 is not Gnome Shell, which I find better than Unity (even tough I'd wish I had not to install extensions to make it work).

              What annoys me is that devs think that removing features is a feature, which is not, ...
              No, they think removing useless features is an improvement, which it is. Gnome 3 is a lot better than Gnome 2. It's easily the best Linux DE.


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                I don't understand why so many people are upset. I use Gnome-Shell 3.6 on Arch Linux and I love this DE. It's fast, elegant, and it encourages a productive multi-workspace workflow (and makes that actually usable). It has it's problems, sure, for instance it should really have the functionality of Dash-to-Dock built in by default, but for the most part it's great.

                I also don't see why everyone wants a damn Minimize/Maximize button... this is the point of multiple workspaces. It takes much longer to click a little minimize button than it does to switch a workspace. And for Maximize.. just double click or drag to the top.. it's not hard. I love how the windows only have a Close box, the concept is so much simpler than other DE's it's a breath of fresh air.

                It seems like most of the haters just want Gnome2 back... why not simply use Mate or XFCE or LXDE or Cinnamon?

                The only DE that looks comparable to Gnome-Shell, IMO, is Gala (Pantheon)... and only then if it gives Plant the option to be a side-bar (auto-hiding horizontal bars on vertically-stacked multi-monitor setups don't work so hot). Cinnamon is also good looking, but I like Window7-style taskbar icons instead of WindowsXP-style ones.. plus it need side-bar taskbar functionality.


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                  I think many of you are missing the point.

                  The Gnome devs, work on Gnome, because it is near to their heart. For reasons, that are they may or may not be able to articulate. But, regardless, that is not up for discussion. They work on Gnome because they want to. Period.

                  The survey, is only to help them choose where/how to spend their limited man-hours. And, I dare say, that should be the ONLY thing a survey helps them to do. Unfortunately, the whole thing seemed to have gone sour very quickly.

                  I think it would have been far more productive to make a survey that asks:

                  "On a scale of 1 to 10, how strong do you feel Gnome's ... is?"

                  A - Security
                  B - Stability
                  C - Et cetera

                  Do you think we should focus on:

                  A - New features
                  B - Cross Desktop Compatibility
                  C - Et cetera

                  That way, it would have been MUCH easier to see exactly, which components gnome suers really want the devs to work on. And, it would have painted a much better picture to the Gnome devs of how well their users think their doing.

                  But, things went awry by inviting anything to be said. There should be some boundaries.


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                    Originally posted by Roberto Dirksen View Post
                    I'm using Arch Linux with Gnome 3.6 and I love it. The people who dislike it are too stupid to understand how to use it correctly. I really hope the Gnome developers ignore the whiners.
                    They're doing this all the time and that's why it sucks badly.


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                      Originally posted by halo9en View Post
                      Agreed. Many comments can be summed up as either "I love Windoze-like interfaces, don't innovate, keep Gnome 2", or "nyah nyah, XXX is a better desktop". And then the inevitable morons ("let it die", "kill yourselves", etc etc.)
                      You'er missing the point. People just want usable desktop, that's all. Stupidity has nothing to innovation in case you didn't know.