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W3C Finishes HTML5, Begins Work On HTML 5.1

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  • W3C Finishes HTML5, Begins Work On HTML 5.1

    Phoronix: W3C Finishes HTML5, Begins Work On HTML 5.1

    The World Wide Web Consortium announced today that the definition is now complete for HTML5 and Canvas 2D specifications. While feature-complete, HTML5 and Canvas 2D aren't yet approved W3C standards. The W3C also announced today the first drafts of HTML 5.1 and Canvas 2D Level 2...

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    Hoping to see OpenGL ES 3.0 being implemented in WebGL with this new wave of improvements to web standards.


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      It would be nice if they could decouple the OpenGL ES version/context creation from the WebGL specification.
      This way you can keep on having new OpenGL ES versions without having to need a new WebGL specification.


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        I'm just anxious for all the browsers to get to the point of fully supporting the new HTML5 form control types (e.g. input type="date" with the browser built-in calendar widgets) and attributes (being able to arbitrarily attach a form element on the page to any form defined in the document).

        Those alone will make my day job much easier.