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    I don't know about you guys but on the forums, I've seen some hilarious Google ads regarding ATI. Such as:

    Fix ATI
    Download a Free Scan & Repair ATI Problems!
    Alright well, I wish it were that easy... Haha.

    Truth About ATI
    What you must know about ATI before getting started!
    The truth? We already know the truth, and what am I getting started on? Oh wait.

    ATI Official Website
    Visit our Official Website or Call ATI today (phone number here)
    First off, if I could call ATI right now, I would. I would tell them to fix the AGP bus issue for 8.42.

    I don't know the importance of these ads within themselves, but as long as they pay the bills I guess we're all happy haha.

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    LOL, Any other great Google Ad mashups?


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      I will say the ads aren't matching up all that well with their target audience... the current text ad I see says:
      Missing Drivers? Need Updated Drivers? Find Driver Updates With DriverAgent.
      I clicked on it a while back because I was wondering if some company had released an actual product that runs on Linux and keeps your graphics drivers updated with the latest automatically. I knew the answer (which is no), but I had to check since this is, after all, a Linux/Solaris forum community.


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        Lol nice job. Some of these google ads are really hilarious.


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          google ads can be pretty funny


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            It keeps this great community/web-site alive and at the same times gives you a good laugh. I am not complaining at all.


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              Nice Find

              I can't say I have seen any of those Google ads, but some of those are pretty ridiculous. Honestly I wonder how many people actually click on those.thanks for sharing


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                very nice ads and Any other google ads


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                  Being the one form of online advertising I condone(...), I would appreciate greater relevance. But I suppose I can tell that to google, right? ....orrrr.....

                  Those ads can be very helpful. If it weren't for them, I don't know if I'd know about system76, emperorlinux, or zareason... (gmail user)

                  But you know, prices work well, too. Like I see this ad here that shows an ATi Radeon HD2600Pro for $86.
                  That's relevant. Now I know, right?

                  Animations can go die. I payed for this bandwidth.
                  ...and if it ever becomes a bottleneck, I can be counted on to use it very stringently. CPU power too.


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                    Yeah, I got my system76 laptop because of a gmail ad too.