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Richard Stallman Calls Ubuntu "Spyware"

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  • Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post
    That said, it would be nice when distributors bundled Ghostery, a privacy Firefox extension.
    But, last time I checked, Firefox already includes a private browsing mode like that out of the box?


    • Originally posted by ArchLinux View Post
      the fact that the reasons you guys give for the advantages of BSD are just so ridiculous that they're not even funny. It should probably kind of tip you off.
      Well, no, it does not.


      • Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
        11 pages of rants and stupidity....
        You should post less.

        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
        Stallman has absolutely no right to degrade canonical or tell people what to do or what to think.
        It's called 'voicing your opinion' and yes he has every right to do so, same as everyone else.

        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
        When he himself knows that his words will be posted all over popular tech and science sites like ars and the like... he knows just how damaging his statements can be and WTF does he hope to accomplish with them?
        It's up to people to choose to listen and agree/disagree.

        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
        If you aren't willing to compromise then you can't really use the internet... hey you think that ad up there in the right corner is not keeping a cookie and tracking you?
        But that is the thing, YOU are the one who decides when to compromise. If someone _chooses_ to use Ubuntu with Amazon spying on their search results then that's just fine. However making sure that people know what that means before making that choice is important, and it's a damn shame that Ubuntu didn't go upfront about this and actually make it an opt-in choice with full explanation during installation.

        And yes I can use the internet without compromising, and I can choose to compromise on MY terms. There's a reason plugins like adblock,flashblock,noscripts etc are so incredibly popular.

        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
        That button only became reality AFTER people caused a shitstorm, so now they hope a shutoff button in the preferences will placate their users. I hope it doesn't and that this becomes an opt-in choice during installation/first bootup where it belongs.

        I don't know WTF they were thinking, they've ruined a large part of their image on the way they've handled this.

        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
        you can blame canonical for this as much as you can blame phoronix for showing ads so the mere fact you are posting here makes you an hypocrite
        You're not even making a lick of sense. When I come here I make a conscious choice of visiting this webpage, when I search my local files I'm not making a conscious choice of sending my search results to Amazon.


        • Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post
          You're confused. When one opens the web browser, he/she knows that one is online.
          Users in general don't know anything about security and what is even worse is that they don't want to know nothing about computers and security, so putting a web browser in their hands is the perfect tool to know how they think, what they do, what products they demand and why. All OSs include web browsers including Linux, and if exposing user data is spyware (as the Ubuntu case), evil or whatever you want to call it then Linux in general is as spyware (or evil) than Ubuntu, Microsoft or Mac OS, and Stallman is an hypocrite! If Stallman didn't made such absurd statements, as in the case of Ubuntu, then it wouldn't exist so different judgements depending on his favourite distros.
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          • Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
            No. Just no. Hell no.

            Most web browsers (the open source ones, anyway) do not track you. The webpages you visit do. You can choose to avoid them.
            Web browsers are the catalyst that allow you to use Google search (or any other search engine) that in the end is the way to know what you do everytime you visit your web pages, the problem is that you ignored it!!!


            • Originally posted by Pawlerson View Post
              Why would anyone ever use this MORON OS? It's made by idiots for idiots and freebsd is almost the worst bsd.
              Actually, no.


              • OMG even bsd users posting

                WHAT FAIL IS THIS?????

                this thread can get up to 20 pages long

                the facts will still remain

                -shuttleworth will monetize ubuntu, either you like it or not

                -stallman will keep trolling

                -phoronix cunts will write 30 pages about it.

                Me, not being retarded, have enough inteligence to recognize that there needs to be corporate involvement and money being throw at linux development for it to start being more than a OS for phoronix cunts.

                canonical can turn ubuntu into adware central OS with amazon in the wallpaper, AND I'M STILL GOING TO USE IT. They need to make a little money and I need a OS, quid pro quo.

                you don't like it? follow that fail whale up there and download bsd

                or better yet haiku os... I heard that one has no spyware or adware... I don't even think it has any -ware at all lol

                stallman must love it


                • There is no adware in BSD either.


                  • cant someone just recompile without the spyware?


                    • Originally posted by D0pamine View Post
                      cant someone just recompile without the spyware?