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Red alert in US-Oyster Creek storm Sandy breaks the nuclear dream.

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  • Red alert in US-Oyster Creek storm Sandy breaks the nuclear dream.

    The storm Sandy breaks the nuclear dream of America

    The US Oyster Creek Nuclear power plant is seriously damaged by incoming water

    Because of this they start the Red alert

    "declared the Alert at 8:45 p.m. Eastern time ?due to water exceeding certain high water level criteria in the plant?s water intake structure.?"

    ?Unusual Event?

    Now America get there Fukushima/Tschernobyl

    Sad sad world.

  • necro-lover

    New York and New Jersey is complete out of power that show how bad there electric system is.

    The storm just blow away all overland power lines why the power lines are not below ground?

    Whats wrong America? Why is there no Federal Agency For Technical Relief like organisation in America?

    In Germany such a "helpless" disaster would be complete impossible because the THW alone do have 83,807 volunteers in permanently readiness for service.

    Why is there no organisation like this in America?

    Just for the record no its not another fire-fighter team its Technical Relief with ultra heavy solid equipment also very large mobile electric power generators and mobile water
    well drilling systems with the ability to turn it into drinking water.

    Anyway the THW is also worldwide the only volunteers driven organisation with many Standing unit for worldwide emergency inserts.

    THW teams for worldwide actions in permanent readiness for example:
    THW-SEEBA "Rapid Deployment Unit Search and Rescue"
    THW-SEC "Standing Engineering Capacity"
    THW-SEEWA "Mobile drinking water team"
    THW-HCP High Capacity Pumping
    THW-TAST Technical Assistance Support Teams
    THW-IHP International Humanitarian unit
    THW-ETS Emergency Temporary Shelter

    America why not call for the German THW ? ? ?

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