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Are you all buying the new chromebook??

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  • Are you all buying the new chromebook??

    Ok, so I'm about to order the new smasung chromebook because it's beauty and sunshine and it's affordable.

    The google chrome OS is, however, a clusterfuck to me because I use the net mostly to like download walking dead and game of thrones etc and then watch them on VLC, I don't know if I could do that in chrome OS.

    But one of the google engineers made ubuntu run on it and samsung is saying they will open source some stuff...

    are you all buying that? I would hate to buy a computer and then be locked into a operating system.

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    I'm thinking about it, esp. since it uses the Mali T604 GPU, which hopefully the Lima driver will support someday. Could end up being a great, fully-open platform. Does anyone know how the T604 would compare to a desktop graphics card? Would it be comparable to something like an ATI 4650 or closer to something like an NVidia 9400M?
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      I'd buy one if I had a need for a small ARM notebook, they look like a good use of the $250 price tag. From what I've read you won't be locked into the operating system:


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        it has sold out but I can place an order...

        the thing I fear is:

        I know I can RUN linux on it as I can run pretty much linux in any piece of shit

        the problem is that there is running linux and RUNNING linux

        needless to say in this intel laptop the linux experience is sweet but on an old HP with ati gfx it is a nightmare.


        I don't like google and I'm neutral towards samsung, I do like arm

        still unless there's decent gfx support IMO the people that are jumping to buy this are going to be dissapointed


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          I would buy Asus F201E with Intel Sandy Bridge, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD and Ubuntu for 300 Euro


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            I already pre-ordered the new Chromebook to run Ubuntu or SUSE on it for some A15 benchmarking.
            Michael Larabel


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              You have to buy one? I thought that had enought clout that you could ask google for one.

              JS that asus looks sweet, it reminds me of this acer


              the acer has a better cpu but worse overall design plus you could only buy it with windows 7

              The problem with buying that asus is that I can not buy computers in germany, for you see, the only difference between our keyboards and american keyboards are pretty much the cedille but the german ones you have a bunch of strange keys that are alien to me.

              I know I could buy stickers and configure the layout etc...

              Any chance that sweet asus will be on sale in america this coming month??? do they even bother selling computers without windows in america?


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                Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
                Any chance that sweet asus will be on sale in america this coming month??? do they even bother selling computers without windows in america?
                you can try to ask Asus
                there is X201E available in America, but it has only 2 GB RAM and 320 GB HDD


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                  JS I will wait a week and if it's available then I will buy it as it makes more sense than the chromebook.

                  I fear that the early adopters of chromebook won't have a easy time.

                  Arms support it's still in it's infancy and when it comes to the gpu situation everything is hazzy.

                  I rather buy that asus or a ultrabook at least I will be sure I can run whichever distro and install whatever.

                  chromebook's and nexus7 are all fine and dandy but they are at it's core, and will remain for the time being, google devices


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                    Ya, I am also planning to buy Samsung chromebook. Anyone here who used it? Is there any other that is much better than Samsung?