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Arte Documentary film: Conventional farming completely refuted.

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  • Arte Documentary film: Conventional farming completely refuted.

    This Arte Documentary film: show us the truth that the Conventional farming is completely refuted. In every detail.

    For example the Milpa Bio system is much more energy efficient than the Conventional farming.
    The Conventional farming only do have a energy earning factor of 3 but Milpa Bio System do have a energy earning factor of ~20

    Then the Bio system of fertilizer trees outperform the chemical fertilizer completely because it not only is a fertilizer it also improves the humus earth and store more water what protects against crop failures due to drought. This Bio-fertilizer-tree system improve the farming with a factor of 3 in Africa.

    There are also double retested studied that Bio save 26 billion Euros in Europe in health care. And in the USA its the same.

    The costs because of killing useful insects and useful fertilizer herbs with round up and insecticide is madness.

    The use of "Genetic Use Restriction Technology" hurt the people because the IP protection technology do have a higher cash back than the the social optimum this means it turns the farmer into complete slavery: Wikipedia: "Assuming that protection by GURTs (unlike patents) is unlimited, the degree of protection of GURTs is for the simulated scenario of widespread use in the U.S. corn sector to the social optimum. [11]"

    conventional farming also cause soil errosion and this destroys the soil within 15 years completely and makes the soil sterile and washes all of mineals out. Bio Soil is complete different and resists errosion completely. Because of this plants do have more water and grow better in bio. According to this documentary that was shown in long term studies over 30 years went! the yields in organic farming in dry periods are therefore always higher than for conventional farming.

    Also the Bio-Push-and-Pull farming method outperforms the corn-Gen-Technology method completely.

    In this metod defend the corn against plants(Striga weed) and insects with the plant Desmodium and the insects flee to the elephant grass they like but this is a trap because the elephant grass kill the bad insects.

    This system also protects the Soil and bound nitrogen in the soil for the corn.

    this biotechnology increases an earnings increase of 120%, according to studies

    According to this Documentary the organic food is always cheaper if all costs are calculated.