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Why AMD 8.41 Driver And Not 9.xx?

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    Originally posted by Xipeos View Post
    When Michael was taunting us, he didn't write the word ("_______" instead of tonight).
    But now he openly said "perhaps ... open-source". Since he's not allowed to reveal anything, we must assume that he didn't. So no open source
    (otherwise he would have said "maybe in the near future...")
    If you're looking for a good song, listen to Tonight She Comes By The Cars.
    Michael Larabel


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      That song really sounds good. Can't wait until the song is officially released so we all can enjoy it.


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        I held out as long as I could. I work in a Linux shop and it was too much pain. We replaced every ati card and laptop with their hardware. That was also painful we are a small shop. Nvidia is far from perfect but they are at least trying and have not been blowing smoke for two years. Maybe after some time goes by and we see what happens I'll look at ATI again. For now the wounds are still to fresh. What do they expect.

        P.S. I Kept one of the laptops to remine me next time I think about buying ATI. They will have some work too do to live this down.
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